Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nothin But Crickets

No I am not having a pang of conscious.

Around mid July I mentioned to DH that there were no crickets.  We had some frogs in the pond nearby but no crickets at night.  It was almost eerily quiet at night.  Then it happened.  A few started showing up here and there.  Then it happened.  I went out to feed the girls, opened the door to where we store their food and there were bunches of them!

Here is one of the offenders.

Then pretty soon they were invading my sunroom, when I leave the door open but the screen door shut.  They were all over!  One day the kids went on a cricket hunt in the sunroom and 30+ crickets later, and one partially eaten (Finn decided it looked like it may taste good) we were cricket free.  I am only going to say anything about the partially eaten cricket.  Finn is a toddler, and a boy,  and he surprised us that he even caught one.  Nuff said!  Until that night and more showed up!  Every night on the porch your hear the chirp, chirp, chirp.  But you can't find them, until it is too late. (Sad face) when you find their little lifeless bodies lying on the floor.  Or you accidentally step on one heading out to work early in the morning.  Eeewww smooshed cricket on my floor!

Funny enough many of the little businesses nearby are having the same problem with a cricket or crickets in the store.  As you walk through you hear chirp, chirp, chirp.  Love the sound of crickets.  Just not sharing my house with them or shopping with them. 


  1. Back in college, my hometown had a cricket invasion. Thousands of them, everywhere! They were so thick, that you could hear them crunch under your tires. That was not a fun summer.

  2. Wonder if that's normal and we just hadn't noticed

  3. We have a perfectly wonderful guard light that we don't use because when it's on the crickets come to the house and pile up in the corner by the back door....DISGUSTING !!!!


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