Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Throw Those Goals Out the Window

September 2, 2014.  The beginning of a new school year for those that have children that age.  The morning is drizzly and cooler than it has been the past few days.  My goals for August were pretty light overall but I don't feel like I  got a long way.  With the Ancient Ones next door, DH working lots of overtime after the floods/sewage backups in the city I was busy but didn't seem to produce much finished product.

1.   Challenge Quilt I found my inspiration.  I have chose my fabrics and am currently cutting.  I am this far.
I have my applique parts ready, and even the fabric picked out!

2.  Farmer's Wife.  I would love to finish up my blocks.  I have about 14 more to finish.  
Not one block.  Which is a bummer I am so close but then so far since I have my show projects I must finish.

3.  Aurifil Block of the month.  Have you seen it?(This is last months)  It was designed by Michele Foster of Quiltinggallery.com! 
That is the thing I could not get to go together right even remotely so it is in pieces sitting on my cutting table.  I used almost all of the little sunflowery/daisy looking fabric and I don't really want to start again. 

4.  Drunkards path finish up a few more blocks.  Maybe I should work on getting all my pieces cut out in the evenings.

I actually got a small pile of these partially sewn together.  Hey that makes me feel a wee bit better.

5.  I have a quilt for the guild charity which needs quilting.  I can choose to bind it or not.

She's pinned at least!

6.    I need to figure out which quilt I am going to take to the guild show and quilt, label and bind.  What do you think?

I decided on the quilty barns...so I finished the label
And my backing!
And started quilting!
I am about 1/3 done but I had a busy last few days of August...more on that in another post.

Oh I also entered
 Tropical Shores Tubix all I need to do is a hanging sleeve.  Those are easy right? 
And Ginger Rose which will need to be quilted! 

Oh I didn't mention these things that I did get accomplished.
Learned to drive the big tractor and mow the field to help DH.
I made and consumed more zucchini bread than I care to think about.
And shredded enough Zucchini to make at least 20 more loaves!

Weeded several big wagon loads of weeds out of the gardens and flower beds.
Snapped and canned 21 quarts of green beans.

And I have slowed down to do a little embroidery in the mornings.  I finished two this month.

I also read/listened to 5 books, and got  sucked into Dr. Who, and watched several episodes. 

Maybe I am being a bit hard on myself and I got more accomplished than I seem to think.  That is what is so great for me to list my goals monthly.  My goals didn't really go out the window, they just teetered on the brink.


  1. Funny, I could have sworn I read at the beginning that you didn't achieve much this month? No, I must be mistaken.

  2. you are on a roll girl! lots accomplished for sure

  3. Ah, I'd like to get back to my GTSB blocks but DW is still first and foremost along with all the garden chores, it is hard to keep up...even when you are the one establishing the goals and timeline, huh?!

  4. Whew! I would say you got a lot accomplished last month. I think you will probably move right along on your Sept. goals too.

  5. Wow, you got a lot done! I did not get anything done! LOL

  6. You`re too much! Love that zucchini bread comment! Your quilts and works in progress look great. Good for you with the tractor.

  7. You have accomplished so much! You have some great projects here. Love Ginger Rose!


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