Monday, September 22, 2014

Big Ideas

With everything that has been going on around here with work, some pretty sever storms, fighting the machines,  I still managed to get some things to certain points in their process.

I blew up part of my picture for my challenge quilt, roughly sketched the areas I wanted to applique, and got them onto some freezer paper.  I have lots of weird shapes so I decided I wanted a pair of applique scissors.  So off I went to Tecumseh, Michigan to The Quilt Patch.  I wandered a bit and picked up a couple of things.
Some Robert Kaufman Lazy Daisy fabric, some fat quarters of solids, one Kona, and two AMB, a spool of variegated thread by Mettler, and a yoyo maker.

Then I came home and worked on quilting on the Singer model 15.  She works lovely and things were going great, but  I have a quilt which has been sitting on a frame for about 5 months and I really wanted to work on that and possibly load a new quilt.  So I asked DH if he could figure out a way to convert the 15 and I would finish quilting my quilt on the 66. Also if he could move the 66 from the current tiny cabinet into the cabinet that the 15 was in. 

With my hubby it is ask and ye shall receive.  He rewired the Singer 15 and built a speed control, since while we were experimenting we blew one up that had been on the Husqvarna.  Oops!
DH speed control is basically a junction box, with a rocker switch, and a dimmer switch.  Um yep it is FABULOUS!  Sorry for the yelling but I was just absolutely thrilled!  And it worked so well, and I retro fitted a quilting foot from my Husqvarna so when I have some time that is going to get some love and attention.

I did manage to get another embroidery piece for my redwork quilt finished.
**Note to self must remember to remove from hoop when I am not working on it!

Finally while I was in Tecumseh I stopped at a new Antique store.  I had a couple of things in mind I was looking for.

This came home with me.

It is a towel rack.  My kitchen does not have a towel rack, nor does it have a place to hang one.  When I was a little girl I remember my grandmother having one hanging right over her sink, so when she was done she could hang her dishtowel, hand towel, and dishrag right over the sink.  Since it is going to be used it will get some love (into the sand blaster to take the old paint off, and a new coat applied).

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Monday.  I really must run, was called back into work early again.  :S



  1. Some interesting applique shapes. I can't wait to see what you do with them. You got some lovely fabrics. Your DH is very ingenious! I remember those towel racks, my Mom had one. I wish I did.

  2. I'm sorry, but I had to laugh at your description of a "new antique" shop, it sounds like a contradiction in terms doesn't it?

  3. your freezer pieces are intriguing. a hubs who can grant sewing wishes is a keeper for sure! love your towel rack too

  4. Those scissors are fabulous, I love the serrated edge! I really enjoy seeing pics of your machines and how you use them :)

  5. You have some great treasures...especially love the rack to use in the kitchen...neat idea! Your DH is amazing...such a great idea to switich out your sewing machines!

  6. One of those towel holders would also be great to hang freshly ironed fabrics on. I remember my grandmother also had one of those.

  7. My grand maw had one to, I need one my self just hang them on the oven door

  8. Your husband is the McGyver of the quilting world! I am interested in how you like those scissors. I keep thinking of buying them.

  9. I don't have a towel rack rack either and no place to hang a twoel, I found a real simple thingie someone made that I use now.

  10. Interesting applique shapes going on there! I really have to find me one of those cute Singer machines. Every time I see yours I want one even more. I don't want one that someone "blew up" though. LOL We've got severe weather here today with lots of lightening, which means I won't be plugging in my sewing machine.


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