Friday, August 29, 2014

I've Succumbed to Peer Pressure Once Again

My mom used to ask if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you?  Um no, but at times there are challenges that you just want to jump in and join.  It started at 13 Spools and has been making the rounds.   Hey if Molli Sparkles does it, and the Pug mom it must be cool.

1.  I have more fabric than I could use in three lifetimes.  Along with that fabric are a ton of UFOs. 

2 .  I own more patterns than I will use in a lifetime.  I have a pend-a-flex file box which is stuffed past capacity with patterns which are at least alphabetized.

3.  I hate labels and have lamented, complained,  and groused about the term "modern" quilter in my blog several times.  I remember many years ago when an elderly lady I knew gave me a magazine with modern quilts.  The magazine was from 1978. I fell in love with quilting and wanted to learn to quilt.  The quilt was called Solar Flare and it was a quilt made up of solid concentric circles.  The colors were reds, oranges, and yellow, all solids. The only quilting was SID. That was in 1982.  I don't want to be pigeonholed. 

4.  I cut my fabric backwards.  I notice the tutorials have you cut from the left to the right.  I cut right to left.

5.  I dislike most modern sewing machines.  With all the electronics, knee lift, needle up, needle down-- after working in the computer manufacturing business for years it is something that will go wrong, and will cost a fortune to fix when it does.  Additionally most people are fanatics about their machines and I have seen people get down right rude when someone makes a disparaging remark about a certain manufacturer. 

6.  I cannot do quilt math.  After over a decade of working in the banking industry, running a rewards program you would think I could do simple quilt math.  Nope not a chance.  Most of the time I kind of fly by the seat of my pants.  Rough guesstimate but larger and then trim down.

7.  I am not a fan of precuts or using just one fabric line for a quilt.  While there are fabric lines I love, I like to usually mish mash it up.  Making charity quilts I will use charm packs, or jelly rolls but most of the time I like to throw in a bit of this, a little bit of that, and  batiks too!  GASP!

8.  I pin while I piece.  Gasp! And have been known to break a few needles doing it.

9.  I have never made a Turning 20 or Yellow Brick Road quilt.  I have read the instructions, and even cut one out, but the directions for putting it together totally flummox me.  Hence the reason it is sitting as a UFO in a project box. 

10.  I don't prewash and have never had any problems with color run even though I stress about it. If I prewash then I would have to iron and I hate ironing.  Yes I said iron, not press. 
I know, I know,  my ironing board is a hot mess.  I have some more of that fun pinwheel fabric to use once again to cover when  I have a bit of free time. 

Do you have any quilty secrets? 


  1. Hey, you're among friends! How big is your chocolate stash?

  2. Oh my gosh, I cut backwards too! I once drove a teacher nuts doing that. And I've never made Turning 20 or Yellow Brick Road either. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I guess I am cutting backwards too! I did not realize I was doing it wrong! No Turning Twenty or Yellow Brick Road around here either. I have run over countless pins! I guess I am in good company!

  4. have I got secrets!
    I want to do everything and it shows in my over 30 UFOs. gotta gotta finish them. first gotta find them. LOL guess it is time to organize and clean

  5. I cut backwards too, I sometimes guesstimate and It all works out, I love my old machines. Metal gears and straight forward to use. Singer, Kenmore ,Necchi. I sew what gives me joy. I have lots of fabric, lots of ideas, not enough time.

  6. my sis ruined her high dollar machine sewing over pins so she got her a old feather weigh and has been sewing for years on it.
    So i bought me a old white as soon as i save the money i will have it fixed, i hope, it doesn't run but i will cross my fingers that he can fix it.

  7. that was fun reading about your secrets.
    I have made about 8 of those yellow brick road quilts. Mostly for friends of my daughter when they all graduated high school.

  8. I probably do - in fact, I'm sure I do! But I'm too tired to think of them, much less type them out right now LOL!!! I really enjoyed reading about yours though :)


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