Monday, August 4, 2014

A Pressing Matter

DH is back to work.  My day will be filled with dealing with the ancients...visiting nurse, bank run, out to supper.  Not much time to sew this morning.  But instead of being frozen for lack of a better term waiting, I have some pressing matters to take care of.

1.  Press the drunkard's path blocks, at least the ones I have done so far.  Check got it done before the nurse showed up even.
Yep my ironing board is stacked with HST triangles which I make as leader and enders . 
2.  Press the quilt top and the backing provided by the guild.
After pressing there were several seams that I had to fix.  Ugh!  This looks like it is made up of a disappearing 9 patch block.  Yeah got this done right as the nurse was pulling up. 

3. Pin baste the Guild quilt.
Now to figure out how to quilt it.  I think this is a perfect quilt to work on my FMQ.  I thought of putting stars in the blocks with flags, but then realized that those blocks are not all square.  My next though was doing wavy lines every 4 inches then doing a lines of stars the next 4 inches across the quilt.  Got this done before heading out to take the Ancient Ones to the bank and supper.

All my pressing is done for now!

Any thoughts on the quilting? 


  1. Love all your HSTs! I think you got a lot done in the little time you had! I like your idea about the quilting. I have a hard time deciding on quilting patterns. I hope the Ancients are feeling better!

  2. What a productive time you had in between appointments. I think your stars and stripes idea sounds clever. Another way of doing it might be a wavy line with the occasional star in it, then on the next line put the stars in different places, etc.

  3. sounds like you had a productive day. I think the wavy lines would mimic a flag waving in the breeze.


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