Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Clock Watching

Monday was the start of a new week and I was feeling quite a bit of pressure.  I had some coffee, read a few blogs and started working on my quilting.  I had to take the ancient aunt to the dentist at noon and even though it is only about 15 miles away they are working on the road so I knew we would have to leave at least by 11:30am, cause I have sat in traffic for 15-20 minutes and been late a couple of times in the past couple of months. 

When you are watching the clock you don't get a whole lot accomplished.  I would sew, check the time on my phone, I would actually gauge to check when a chapter in my book I was listening to would finish.  DH walked into the house on his way back to work from picking up parts, looked at me and asked why aren't you ready to take the Ancient Aunt to the dentist?  I jumped up grabbed my clothes and changed, grabbed my Kindle, and a bottle of water and out the door I went, and he headed back to work.

Got to their door to have the Ancient Aunt meet me and tell me why are you here so early.?  My appointment isn't until 1pm.  Argh!  I walked back home, turned on my computer to see the e-mail that the quilt did not have to be completed in the pictures, but done by the show in October.  Ate a bite and did a bit of slow stitching. 

The pattern is Redwork Wisdom which I purchased from Storyquilt.  I started this project many years ago and kind of lost track of it, but I decided I would love to finish the embroidery this year. 

DH got home after work and asked me to come and visit with him in the barn while he worked on the homicidal lawnmower.  I grabbed a ziploc sandwich bag, my needle threader, floss, scissors and my piece and headed out the door.  It was nice to sit and chat with him while he worked at fixing the mower and I finished my piece!
I really need to remember to remove my hoop when I am not working the project.  I forgot how relaxing just sitting and doing something simple and how much I got accomplished in just a short time.  I decided that I would sit in the morning, no television, music or books.  Read a blog or two, and do a bit of embroidery or cross stitch.  Much better than beginning the day at a mad wobble. 


  1. great idea! that is how I get my sewing fix in. I am headed there shortly after getting things ready to grab for work. even if for 15 min or half hour it helps me stay focused on some projects. your embroidery looks nice!

  2. How annoying about the dental appointment. Still, the day ended well.

  3. Beautiful embroidery and I hate clock watching too......enjoy a relaxing day today!

  4. Hard to keep times right on all your appt.

  5. I hate watching the clock too, I go to work at 12 but need to be there early to get ready, so I leave at 11. It is impossible to get anything done in the mornings!


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