Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rain and Weeds!

I was cheering that we got rain.  Problem-- Not good on ripening tomatoes so I had a bunch of tomatoes with cracks.  I picked a colander full of ripe ones for me, and had 1/2 a colander full which went to the girls.  They love tomatoes!  This is the 2nd picking of split tomatoes.

They are brutal when they get tomatoes.  DH calls it tomato football.  I have seen them body check each other into the fence to wrestle a tomato from one of the others. They are actually acting like ladies today.  Of course isn't that how all kids act?  As soon as a camera is on them they act all prim and proper. 

The girls have pretty much decimated the Hostas.  I think they will come back.  Hey they survived the winter sitting in a plastic bag in this same spot because I forgot to plant them after the city gave them to the hubby when they were reworking the flower boxes.  I think chicken proofing them may be necessary next year with some fencing. 

My lettuce is looking lovely.  I will continue to plant salad in containers.  I choose pretty varieties and they remain bunny and vole proof.
I weed almost daily for about 15 -20 minutes but let me tell you they are winning. 
I found this little flower in the flower bed but am not too sure what it is.
It has these lovely little blue and white blooms and the teeny tiny bees love it.
Of all my flowers I purchased this year, it is one of my favorite.  Apple blossom Verbena.  Luv it!

I did do a wee bit of sewing today.

  I laid out a bunch of the tiny squares today.  Then realized what time it was and that I needed to turn my time card into work.  I could not find it!  I looked in the family room where I remember working on it, dining room, the eating bar where almost every document lands until taken to its proper resting place, and my sewing table where lost of my paperwork lands. I ran out to check the card and to feed the girls.  After feeding them, I turned around and realized that all of those little square I had laid out...I must have fanned all over the room,  and me. I actually had a trail from the chicken house, across the yard, up the stairs, across the deck, through the mudroom, family room, kitchen, into my sewing room  and what I had laid out was gone! 

I better get back to sewing before a breeze blows through and away they go again!


  1. Your salad garden looks so yummy! I am going to put one in next year. Did you ever find your time card? I hope that you are enjoying driving the bus!

  2. At least the tomatoes are not going to waste. I can see why you like the Apple Blossom flower! So very pretty! I hope you found your time card! Planting in the horse troth was a great idea.


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