Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I Will Run For You

I knew I would be a bit busy today but nothing like it ended up being.  For some reason I woke up early and could not go back to sleep.  I got up had a couple cups of coffee, read a few blogs and headed out the door. 

The closest office store is Staples. Did you know that they open at 8:00 am?  I needed 3 different ink cartridges.  I love my printer, but there are times....I needed the ink to print the pictures for my entries in the guild quilt show.  While there I picked up a couple of packages of these.

I just love Frixion pens for marking quilting lines, and I read a blog recently where they used the black to trace their embroidery patterns and I have a couple of patterns that I have purchased recently.  So it is nice to have the tools necessary when I am ready to start. 

I got home, printed my pictures, and finished filling out my forms, and got them in the mail. 

I then had to run to the library because I had a book in that I requested.

I wanted to read it and see if there was anything that I possibly wanted to make before I spend money for a book which I possibly would not want.  Have you every borrowed a quilt book from the library? 

I will admit it I am a computer baby.  I love to pay bills online, I am not one for automatic bill pay, you never know when something will happen and it makes me crazy.  Dh has a bill that they do not have a site to pay, you have to either write a check and mail it, set up bill pay through your bank (not may favorite since I have to pay a fee), or take cash and pay there.  I ran to pay the bill, and on my way stopped at Harbor Freight.

I picked up a package of tweezers.
 I needed them to help access threads that wrap into my machine. 

I also purchased a pick set.
To use for the same thing, and t help clean up some of the old machines.  I really could have used them the other day when DH gave me the feed dogs from my Singer 15-91.

That's a lot of gunk to come out of one feed dog set. 

Of course while I was in town I stopped at the LQS, and bought a couple stash enhancements.  I needed a bright red, and I am always on the look out for a bright cheery yellow!

I got home and the youngest daughter called.  She needed a computer, hers was broken the night before. I needed a PEX crimping tool she had so I headed to her house.  She had recently talked about going back to school online, but with the computer being broken, that is out. I know she is feeling frustrated and she needed a bit of a pick me up.  So I stopped on my way and bought her a Venti Mocha Frappacino-- chocolate, coffee, and whipped topping make everything better.  She applied for some jobs she saw online, and I visited with the two youngest boys, and stitched.

I finished L, and laugh is what we did.  Why is it when you are feeling down being around your family can make it so much better? 

I borrowed the movie Frozen from the kids, and got home in time to start dinner right before DH got home from working overtime.  Nothing like a Disney movie with your Prince Charming to end a wonderful day.  


  1. I need to borrow just a teensy bit of your energy! Wow!

  2. never used the frixion pens. will have to check that out. also never borrowed a quilt book from the library. teaching me new tricks girl!
    it is better to be around family when you are down. a good laugh is the BEST medicine ever! glad you had such a productive yet fun day!

  3. I took a class from the author of your library book several years ago, interesting techniques, but I wouldn't want to make a whole quilt that way. Glad you had an upswing to your day :)

  4. Tweezers for sewing is a genius thing !


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