Saturday, August 16, 2014

Morning Rituals

What are your morning rituals?  DH gets up, starts a pot of coffee, gets dressed and turns on the television.  Me I am more of a sit and read, or sit and stitch, and sip a cup of coffee.

Lately my morning ritual has included a visit by this little guy/gal.
Sorry not a great pictures it was taken through the screen.  He/she sits outside every morning on the top of the shepherds hook that holds the humming bird feeder.  Sometimes it will actually come over to the screen when the window is open and tap at it, like he is trying to get your attention. If the feeder has feed which is too old it will sit there and kind of chitter at me.   I think there are actually two.  One which is kind of bottle green, and one which is just a dull brown/gray color.  Both sit on the holder, but only one actually will come to the screen and chat. 

I sewed a bit after a bunch of house cleaning. 

But then I finished my most recent library book and I was on the hunt for the next book I was going to read.  Um yeah....lets just say it took me a couple of hours because I had to update my book list, then find a book I wanted to read.  So many choices. 

I only have 2 1/2 more rows to finish the background then I will work on the applique part. 

I received pictures of Cayden's first birthday at my mother's house.  I instantly had an idea and started playing with the pictures.

The first few slides do not have any sound....which is on purpose, the the final section does so make sure you have your sound on. 


  1. Colette--too cute! You will have to teach me how to make a slide show and embed it in my blog.

  2. Cayden is such a cutie! I loved the slide show you put together!

  3. How cute. Happy birthday to Cayden.

  4. We sit outside and drink coffee every morning and watch the hummingbirds fighting over their food

  5. It is a good start to the day when rituals can be followed. I like them too. We have hummingbirds visit our feeders. They are fun to watch. Happy Birthday to Cayden.

  6. Love hummingbirds too! Great picture of yoyur little friend. Happy Birthday to Cayden...loved the video! And such a great project on your design wall!

  7. I start my day with the cats. I sit with my coffee and read the blogs and email my friends at the beginning of the day. then I am off and running. LOL I want to get a hummingbird feeder. they are so cute. the brown one sounds like a female. the males are always more colorful. happy birthday Cayden you cutie! loved the video

  8. I've been told that when a bird visits you like that it's sent by a loved one in Heaven to say hello. I sure hope so cause every time I see one I think of my mother. :) blessings, marlene


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