Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Borrowed Time

When I was researching for the quilt guild challenge, I wandered into the local library. I discovered that I could actually download books through them from a "state" library system.  Not all counties participate, but it increases the number of books available to me for free!  Which is a very good price.

The first book I borrowed was a book called "Track of the Cat" by Nevada Barr.  I had read a book previously many years ago and that book was on my list of ones that I would like to read.  The heroine is a US Park Service employee who manages to stumble upon murders within the different national parks.  Being that I love the outdoors and visiting the National Parks throughout the US was a big past time when I was younger, and once upon a time I considered that as an occupation I really enjoy the books.

In the month of July, I only managed to read/listen to 5 books for a total for the year of 43 so far for the year 2014.   There were a couple which were pretty long so even though I listened quite often I didn't get through many.

Do you keep a list of books you would like to read/books you have read?  I started doing it a few years ago when I realized I was buying the same book over and over.  Yep I am a nerd I have a spreadsheet with many of the books I have read checked off by author, as well as a list of some of my favorite authors and books I would like to read. 

DH brought me home another sewing machine in a cabinet.  Will I keep it?  No, will it be used for something?  Most definitely.  First I did scavenge the bobbin case, some bobbins and other things out of the cabinet before DH took it to the garage.  We were finally getting a good rain!

This teeny tiny oil can!  It is soooo cute!

 Lots of  needles.  Who doesn't always need a needle?
I have been cutting on the drunkard's path, and working on the challenge quilt.

This is how far I have progressed.  I have been mixing nine patches made up of 1 1//4 inch squares and some squares which are 2 3/4 inches.  I was surprised at how much I got accomplished when I am not interrupted.  Once I got sewing it was going together pretty quickly.

How was your Wednesday? 


  1. I spent the day working and the night purging in the sewing room. some books that I have not used will go into the yard sale pile. let someone use them. love your 9 patches and sewing treasures

  2. I usually have a spread sheet of my books too, but with my move, I gave away and sold a lot of books before I moved.

  3. I skipped Wednesday, so I can't tell you how it was. I'm sure I sewed or something. :O) I love that little oil can and your nine patch is beautiful in those fabrics.

  4. We are getting rain right now, I love navada bares books


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