Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hot August Nights and Goals

How is your summer going?  Has it been kind of unseasonable weather?  We have been cool, not a lot of rain.  My mom says Oregon has had a lot of hot days which is very unusual. In Oregon, August was always the hottest, driest month of the year.  I love August, the hay was getting mowed, blackberries were ready to be picked so we had blackberry pie and cobbler.  Oh I miss those!

I am going to keep my goals light this month.  We have the Ancient Aunt and Uncle who need attending to, hopefully I will be able to get some canning in, and I have to have my entries for the guild quilt show to get done by the end of this month.

1.  Challenge Quilt I found my inspiration.  I have chose my fabrics and am currently cutting.

2.  Farmer's Wife.  I would love to finish up my blocks.  I have about 14 more to finish. 
3.  Aurifil Block of the month.  Have you seen it?(This is last months)  It was designed by Michele Foster of! 
4.  Drunkards path finish up a few more blocks.  Maybe I should work on getting all my pieces cut out in the evenings. 
5.  I have a quilt for the guild charity which needs quilting.  I can choose to bind it or not.
6.  I need to figure out which quilt I am going to take to the guild show and quilt, label and bind.  What do you think?
Lazy Sunday?
Quilty Barn?
Ginger rose?
Scrappy Chevrons? 
I have backings for all of these, and enough batting. 


  1. Here in Eastern Washington, we are also experiencing high temps with very little perception like Oregon. It looks like our area is in for another week or so with temps 100+. Wheat harvest was early and 3rd cutting of hay is already up. All York tops are lovely. My eye goes to Quilty Barnes or Scrappy Chevrons, which could be fun and interesting to quilt. Best of luck on your quilting goals this month.

    1. When I was a kid we went up to an alfalfa farm outside of Goldendale to help bale and stack. I am still unsure which one to do I think I need to buckle down though since it is the 3rd already.

  2. I would pick either quilty barn or scrappy chevrons, but I like them all!

  3. Can't you enter them all? They're all great quilts.

  4. Summer weather, it has been a rainy year here, but we have those, they are not uncommon. Everyone was hoping for a nice hot sunny summer like we had last year though!! Can't wait to see your design for the guild quilt! Only 14 blocks to go on the Farmer's Wife, you are almost done! That is a hard choice on the quilts for the show, I would say Ginger Rose or the Barn quilt.

  5. love your inspiration. cant wait to see what you do. I love your scrappy chevron quilt. I think any one that you enter will do fine. they are all so nice. Pick one out of a hat and get er done. I have done that sometimes when I cant decide. I let fate decide for me.

  6. Can you enter more than one? They are all so fabulous. If you have to choose, pick the Quilt Barns. Where did you get the scrappy chevron quilt pattern? I'd love to make that and so would Marion.
    Pugs and kisses,


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