Friday, August 15, 2014

Little Helpers

The youngest daughter had a flat tire two weeks ago.  She has had a rough go of it with her ex husband's motorcycle wreck (he lost a leg, and use of his hand). So with 4 children she is learning to be very frugal because the ex's accident has changed the whole family regarding finances, and everything else.

We are fortunate to have a friend with a wrecking yard and he had a tire.  DH changed out the tire and everything was good until last  Sunday.  She called again.  Her tire was flat, we were very busy with the Ancient Ones so we told her to check to see where the hole was.  They discovered that the rim was cracked.  DH went to the friend and found two steel wheels, and DH had two tires that he mounted and balanced and we took them her house to switch out the cracked rim and another tire for the newer ones.

DH had a helper.
This is Finn.  Yep he actually understands how to put on lug nuts and he was helping his Poppa Jeff.

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time taking care of the Ancient Ones and there are days that they are argumentative *meaning frustrating*.  I needed a little bit of help around the house and garden so I asked if the middle grandson Gabe would mind coming to spend the night to help me pick tomatoes.  His older brother and sister are already back in school, but he doesn't go back until September 2.  Anyway I retrieved him and he helped pick tomatoes.
He did a pretty good job!  The blue bowl are good tomatoes, the white is full of cracked and buggy tomatoes.  Gabe already fed part of them to the chickens this is the 2nd bowl!

Gabe checked out the carrots.
Not quite ready yet, but soon.  They are a mini variety, and no voles....knock on wood.

We also checked out the giant pumpkins.

That pumpkin is almost as big as him!  Gabe and the Giant Pumpkin!  I think there may be a story in there somewhere. 

OF course there has to be some fun.
Don't worry it is only electric.  I can even keep up with it on the fast mode.

Of course you have to feed your farm hands well.  We had pizza, and bacon bread for dinner.  Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream for dessert, and blueberry pancakes, and chocolate milk for breakfast.  We watched his favorite TV shows today before I took him home to his mamma.  It is kind of bittersweet and reminds me of a John Wayne movie called The Cowboys. 

The premise of the movie is that there is a gold rush and no adult men around to help John Wayne herd his cattle to market-- so he hires the boys from the local school.

John Wayne has just told his wife that the cook is on his way but won't be there for a few days so she will have to cook for all those boys.

Her comment:  "I miss the sound of boys."

I agree I sure do miss the sound of boys.  


  1. Isn't Gabe a cutie!!! So good of the younger ones to help you out around the house and garden. It's not easy being sandwiched in between the generations! Glad your daughter had her dad to help get her back on the road. So terrible about her ex!!!

  2. Finn is so sweet! Such a little helper! Looks like you and Gabe had a great time in the garden! It so fun to grandkids around!

  3. Your two grandbabies are ADORABLE!! I love Finn helping his Poppa Jeff. And Gabe is definitely a very good farm hand! Keep feeding them all those yummy foods, and they'll be back to help some more. I'm sure they're having a great time with you all.

  4. Ya'll have had some mighty fine helpers lately. They could probably deal with the ancient ones easy. You sound like me, when my g-girls come, I take them to the grocery store and they can buy whatever they want to eat....we just don't tell mama. once or twice a year won't hurt to eat a little junk food !

  5. I just left a comment and it's disappeared. If you see it, it's badly in need of some correcting so please just bin it.

    What I was saying was that Gabe is so cute, and was obviously very helpful (all that and he worrks for food too!) and I'm sure that Poppa Jeff found Finn with his cute little curls, was really helpful too.

  6. what an adorable little helper. have you ever had the kids scratch their name in pumpkins? it scars over and then when you harvest the kids can find their fun. we used to use keys or pens

  7. So very sorry about your daughter's situation...I'm sure she's experiencing a lot of stress right now. And mom's always share that. blessings, marlene

  8. Love your helper.and papa helper is a doll, it's always lonesome when they go home

  9. So great that family can help each other out in time of need. Looks like your garden is doing really well. I have been cleaning mine up getting ready to plant some fall crops.
    The cowboys is one of my favorite movies. I have always been a fan of John Wayne.


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