Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Birds, and the Bees and Butterflies

Can you believe that it is almost the end of summer?  Where did it go?  We never really had many "hot" days, and there is definitely a bit of a nip in the air some mornings lately.  I have even seen a few leaves starting to turn!  Dh has been working so much overtime I decided that I could help a bit more around the farm so I learned to drive the big tractor!

Oh she's an old girl.  But she can pull a brush hog which is what you use to mow fields which are not being cultivated. 

We had about 4 acres of this.   A mixture of clover, and queen anne's lace.
I knew it as wild carrot growing up but mine looked different it had a purple looking flower in the middle, than what is growing here. 
 Ours is very white and I love the flowers before they open up.

 I spent a couple of hours mowing, while DH mowed the widow's next door, and the Ancient Ones front, side, and back yard.    Looking at the lot and the back yard around the play structure I am most definitely going to have to mow in the next couple of days. 

DH asked why did you leave a swathe in the field?  I told him that is my birds, bee, and butterfly habitat.  The bazillion bees and butterflies in that small area I left will help fertilize my flowers, our vegetables and berries.  It also provides an area for the birds to forage for insects while I was mowing the purple martins were dive bombing the tractor eating the bugs and mosquitoes rising from the grass. 

See my corn?  Most of my stalks have 3-5 ears of corn on them.  I can't wait to see what they turn out like they are the glass gem corn which is heirloom corn and is actually a popcorn. 

I am going to get a 2nd harvest of raspberries and these are much larger than the first picking. 
I found these little weeds in my garden.  They have pods which look like little green lanterns and when they open up this is what they look like.  Anyone know what they are?

I have been working on quilting my quilt, but again I am having some challenges with my machine.  Sheesh anytime I have a deadline it acts up. 


  1. Well you may not have been quilting, but you have beeen busy. I hope your machine gets over its hissy fit so you can get on to meet your deadline.

  2. you have been a busy girl! love queen annes lace. I used to dry the flower heads by pressing and make snowflake Christmas ornaments out of them.
    hope your machine starts behaving soon!

  3. You make riding a tractor and having a garden look so fun, but I can tell it is a lot of work. Great pics!

  4. You can drive a school bus and now the big tractor. What is next in your future I wonder? I sure hop your sewing machine cooperates so you can finish your quilt in time! Since you grandkids 'pruned' your raspberries plants for you earlier in the year, you are now getting a great harvest!

  5. Hope your machine or one of them works so you can get that quilt done

  6. Reminds me of my days on the farm when I was a girl! We never mowed the "lawn" - my dad simply bush-hogged the yard. It was all dirt and weeds anyway :*) I bet it's fun to ride along on that tractor! Good for you leaving a swathe for the little creatures :*)

  7. You go girlfriend! Anyone who can drive a school bus, can drive a tractor! We're waiting for our second bunch of raspberries, starting to enjoy our tomatoes and harvesting blackberries. Hope the Ancient Ones are doing well.


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