Thursday, August 28, 2014

Its a Coastal Thing

I mentioned Wednesday I was up and running early and the local Staples opens at 8 am.  I not only needed to get  ink for my printer I needed to get feed for "The Girls".  They are hefty ladies.

For reference see them compared to their waterer?   It is holds 8 gallons of water!

No Miss Prissy here.
The local feed store does not open until 9am!  Really?!?  When I was growing up on the west coast I think the feed store opened at 7am- 8 am at the latest.  Hey guys we are burnin' daylight here!  Now the major chain does open up at 8, but I try to support the local economy-- but there are times they make it mighty hard, especially when you have a busy day.

Thursday up early again!

I am getting ready to can.  Needs to be done and the weather is supposed to be getting cooler so it won't be quite so uncomfortable in the house.  The local farm stand....hours 9 am.  By the time I drive there, wait in line, and get home it is after 10!

OK enough grousing.  I bought some zucchini 2 for $1.50 so that I can shred and put up for making zucchini bread during the winter.

They will go with the 6 or 7 smaller ones  I found in the garden Sunday when I was weeding.

A bushel of green beans to snap.

As well as a box of tomatoes to make spaghetti sauce.  No Romas, but next year I will be ready with sauce tomatoes.  I am going to grow my own from seed!

There are some things I will never get used to living in Michigan.  Car dealerships are usually only open Monday through Friday, and  most close by 5pm.  Just in the last couple of years they are staying open later, with a few hours on Saturday.  If you need to buy a car you practically need to take a day off of work to do it.  Everything seems to open later and have shorter hours! 

Oh well I have stuff to do and I am burnin daylight!


  1. I hear ya. It is tough to get things done in such a tight time frame. by 8 am half of my day is gone! LOL I will start my canning early this weekend and hopefully be done by 8 am

  2. maybe they are just ready for the shorter days

  3. you are staying busy this summer for sure.

  4. I'm with you ever sleep?


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