Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I am crying Uncle on a couple of accounts.

We have only received small smatterings of rain once every couple of weeks.  My complaint was that the forecast would say rain and nothing.  So in the evenings I would be dragging around my hose trying to water.  Yesterday we received approximately 4 inches of rain in less than 12 hours just a couple of miles away they got almost 7 inches in the same time frame!   We are fortunate we have a sump pump and it worked its little heart out.  The MIL about 15 miles away, in the city-not so lucky.  Her basement flooded which means we will be cleaning out a basement which is chock full of stuff.  Between the MIL and the two SILs, that basement is stacked floor to ceiling in almost every square inch.  In fact there are two rooms which are stacked so tight you cannot even open the door to walk into them. A little rain is great, but that much rain?  Not so much.

The second white flag is regarding the Ancient Ones phone. About 5 weeks ago I was sent to their house to check on them.  Their phone was shut off.  The bill was paid, but the phone was not working.  We started calling, only to discover that Comcast (not their provider) had a customer come into their office and request that phone number specifically.  Since the deregulation of the phone companies, most phone numbers can be "ported" switched from company to company.  There are some numbers which are land lines and cannot be ported.  After hours, and days on the phone, between DH and myself with Comcast, and AT&T (the Ancient Ones provider) what was done cannot be undone.  The crux of the matter?  Comcast did not practice their due diligence regarding the laws regarding porting a number.  Part 2, here is where I am a firm believer in Karma.  Years ago when they were putting phone lines in around here, the Ancient Uncle knew someone and got them to give him a phone number with the prefix to a local town, not the one we are part of--that way he would not have to pay long distance to call his buddies because that is where they all lived.  He did not extend the courtesy to the MIL that lived next door, so to call her from his house 500 feet across the driveway was long distance. After 54 years they will have to get a new phone number because the number with the prefix they had belongs to a specific municipality as a land line.  What an inopportune time to have to do this. They can't even remember their cell phone number!

Spending hours on the phone at a time is not conducive to much sewing or anything else.

I finished my quilt label for my backing of the quilty barns quilt.

Now to measure my quilt and piece my backing to start quilting.  I need to get it finished by the end of this month to enter into the guild quilt show.

I have about 1/2 of my background for my challenge quilt completed.
I have sewn a bunch of my blocks into sub sets for the drunkard's path quilt while waiting on hold for what seems like eternities on multiple occasions.

I pulled weeds on Sunday, enough to fill a 50 gallon collapsible leaf bag.  The Strawberry patch is weed free as is the herb garden and part of the flower bed.

When pulling some compost to add to the flower beds we found these.

I can't even begin to describe how big these two are, and there are a couple of smaller ones around.  This was a volunteer plant in our mulch mountain.
This blossom is bigger than a dinner plate!  

On a sadder note RIP Robin Williams, may you find peace in the knowledge that you brought great joy into the world which touched so very many people. 


  1. your volunteer pumpkins look great! yes it is sad about Robin Williams. such a funny guy. telephone issues are the pits. hoping for better days ahead

  2. I love your tractor label!! I think your start on the challenge quilt looks really good! I suspect that you got a lot of weed pulling done after getting off the phone with the phone companies! lol great way to work out frustration. I do not envy you cleaning out that basement.

  3. Love your tractor label! How perfect for the barn quilt. I planted some of my new plants yesterday and pulled A LOT of weeds because it was supposed to rain all day and it did! Sorry I can't send you some (rain). Too funny about the Ancient Uncle's phone, and you're right, Karma can be a bitch!

  4. I'll take that 7 inches I'll take 4, I'll even take 1/2 an inch......we're so dry here. I'll have to post pictures, but then again no one would want to see something so .......not pretty. Your label is so cute !

  5. Love your tractor , glad you didn't get flooded, if I was close I would help you

  6. I hate phone companies and being on the phone with them for hours! I feel your pain on that!

  7. I love that tractor! Dealing with utility companies is always a pain, but it sounds like this was an extra big pain for you. I always love your garden pics and I'm glad you serent flooded out!


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