Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Is Here!

Do you Facebook?  I do, I used to play Farmville, and accumulated a lot of acquaintances, but I don't play anymore, and most of my friends are people I worked with, people I share a hobby with such as quilting and vintage sewing machines, family, and friends from school.  Today there was a pop up that my friend from grade school turned 53 today.  I thought what the heck!  We were in the same grade, how could he be that old.  Then I thought about it and chuckled and thought, silly girl you are going to be that age too in almost 2 months.  However did I get that old?!?!?!

Anyway many people did year end wrap ups of what they completed.  I had to think hard about what did I get finished?

Baby Easton's quilt.  He is going to be one year old in less than 2 weeks. I finished it up and he had it by the time he was 1 month old.

I finished Swirly Birdies which was my only entry in the guild show this year.

 I also finished Sweetwater Star even though I haven't labeled it yet.  I have it quilted and bound.  That counts right?

Maybe someday it will be nice and not windy and I can get a good picture of it finished completely?

I had some small accomplishments too!
A birthday pillowcase for one of the grand daughters

Simple Easter Baskets for the boys.
A flock of snowmen for gifts for Christmas
October Vintage Blessings wall hanging from Shabby Fabrics.

There have been lots of changes this past year in our family.  The addition of a new grandson who is special needs, the little boys moved in, the boys moved out, a main floor house remodel of the kitchen, dining room, adding a bedroom, pantry, wheelchair ramp, and finishing off a porch to make the house more accessible for the Ancient Aunt and Uncle because they can no longer live on their own anymore and live with us now.
 From this to
This while it is not finished to my liking someday we will put in new cabinets, a nicer floor, a new sink, window, and counter tops but right now it is efficient for having walkers zooming through our house.

Additionally I read 121 books this past year. I hope to be able to read a couple more this year maybe 125, but then thinking about my life I may be lucky if I can get to 50. 

I think my theme for 2017 for my life is going to be to practice kindness.  This past year  there was so much negativity and mean spiritedness, while I cannot change others, I can make sure that I do not contribute to it, and sometimes a kind word will change a person's day.

My quilting life I think this is going to be my year to Finish it Up!  I have quilts that need borders, Flimsies that need quilting, blocks that need to be made into quilts, BOM and lots of UFOs,USOs, PIGS, PIPS, PITS, WHIMMS, WIPS, WISPs, WIVSPs, and WWITs.  Not to even think about my SABLE!  I am not even going to begin to start the list yet.  Let's just say that I updated my tab and I am over 43 46 that need finishing! I am going to quilt looking because otherwise I will find more!

I will share a few with you.   I know long post with a wrap up and new beginnings all in one.  Have a joyful, prosperous and blessed New Year.


  1. That is a lot done, considering the year you have had. Hopefully everything is settling down into a routine now.

  2. hopefully 2017 is the year for YOU my friend. love all your projects, finished and unfinished. those fox are so darned cute! anywho, here's to 2017 (me raising my glass to you) and to a year of relaxing and Colette time! oh yeah and some sewing thrown in for fun ***wink***

  3. It's a miracle that you were able to do as much as you did with so many people moving in and out of your house. I love the Sweetwater Star quilt!

  4. You really accomplished a whole lot of lovely projects in 2016--
    and speaking of mean spiritedness: here's a sad tale----

    in the grocery store this morning I said "Happy New Year" to the check out gal and the bagger, a young fellow (but then, they all look young these days!! lol), said :"I said Happy New Year to three customers this morning whose answers were:"what's so good about it!!" Well, we can't change their negativeness, but we can be positive ourselves for sure. I'd like to know what a whole lot of people are so angry about--but, don't get me started--anywaaaaay...

    I love your baby quilt with those animals you pieced--gorgeous...hugs & may 2017 be a happy year for you...Julierose

  5. You got a lot done! I don't count how many I read. But reading real books and two kindles its hard to keep up!

  6. So many wonderful finishes! 2016 sounds like it was a crazy, busy year. I do hope you have an amazing New Year! Wow... You read so many books! Way to go. I am very grateful for audio books these days (to listen to while I stitch.)

    Happy New Year!

  7. You really had a crazy year! I hope you will have a bit less excitement in 2017. Happy new year to you and your family.

  8. You have been busy! I loved seeing everything you have done!

  9. With everything that has been going on in your life this year it is amazing that you got anything sewn! So I think you accomplished a lot. I am hoping for some finishes this year too.

  10. You got a lot done! Kindness is a great thing. My theme will be positivety. Looking forward to the new year! Happy New Year my friend😘


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