Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Applique Play or is it Appliplay?

I get a bit done here and there.  Some days are better than others.  Saturday was a busy day.  The Ancient Ones got up late, so I felt like I was rushing and pushing all morning.  After getting them settled in for the morning I had to run to the grocery store, then arrived home in time to grab a bite to eat, feed the AO, pick up the boys and run to a birthday party for the youngest grandson Easton.  He turned one on the 12th.

We stayed for a bit, then had to run back home, stopping at the drugstore on the way because DH lost a screw out of his eyeglasses and he can barely see without them.  Once we got those fixed, he and the big boys went to a boy scout event called a lock in and I had the opportunity to sit and relax.

I have been prepping a lot of applique trying to get caught up with the In Our Garden BOM which ended this month.  So far I have these ready to sew.

 September's block was by Life in the Scrapatch

Then there was a bonus block from Life in the Scrapatch also!

 October Spaghetti squash and the squash blossoms from More Stars Over Comanche
November by It Seams to be Sew

December from Sow and Sew Farm

January the last block from Sew Incredibly Crazy

I also got this cute Cardinal prepped. The design is by Patchabilities. 
Now for some marathon applique' sewing on the machine. 


  1. Happy Birthday to Easton! What a little cutie! You have gotten a lot of prep work done. I hope you have time to applique them soon.

  2. WOW you are sure running these days girl. Love the look on Eastons face. LOL cutie petutie. you have gotten a TON of things done. great job
    love your cardinal

  3. Looks like E really enjoyed his cake, sweet photo! You have been a busy quilter, wow!

  4. You've really moved on those garden blocks. My quilt is sewn together, but isn't quilted yet. Sweet picture of Easton with the cake!

  5. Gosh....I'm exhausted just reading about your errands. I hope you get a chance to play a bit with your fun blocks. Happy birthday to the little guy.

  6. Wow, you did do well on the prepping. Love y9ur grandson's face.

  7. Oh that E is soooo funny!!! Okay...love your applique....so cute! Happy stitching.


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