Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saw Toothed Square Times 2

I worked on the Saw Toothed Square block last year for the 2016 RSC. Yet another project that stopped due to family circumstances. I think it was August of 2016 where I fell out on this project.  August is supposed to be gray.  I tried to find a lavender that could read as gray, but I don't think I was very successful.

I still have the blocks for September and October to make for 2016.  I think I may pick up some of the secondary colors for 2016 to make additional blocks, since I would like this to be a queen size quilt someday. I think I need 49 blocks all together to make a quilt 7 X 7.  I may be RSCing for several years before I have enough blocks.  OMG that means this quilt may not be done until 2021!

Enter 2017 RSC.  The color for January is Purple.

I have 9 blocks completed so far between the 2016 RSC and the 2017.

Only 40 more blocks to go!  Linking up with RSC 2017.


  1. I think you need to make 2 or three each month of the color LOL
    looking good. love the look of this block.
    was always turned off by the number of HST needed. funny how I hate making them but love blocks with them. go figure........

  2. I was in a fabric swap once that was supposed to be us all submitting charm squares from a couple yards of a favorite was so interesting to see how the colors varied so much from lavender or light blues to what I would call more of a true grey, grey is one of my favorite moving targets :)

  3. Never tried one of those. Wish you luck with them

  4. The colours look great together. Imagine another 40 blocks to go! I know I would be too lazy I think to keep going so long but it will look so fabulous when finished.

  5. At least you can pick it back up this year!

  6. Oh I like those blocks--I made a similar one for a pillow called "Lady of the Lake" by hand, for my Mom, a long while ago--all in hand dyed blues and white...lovely blocks...hugs, Julierose

  7. Enjoy the journey!! It promises to be a beautiful quilt.

  8. I like the color combination of all of them. So many little squares!


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