Saturday, January 28, 2017


Many years ago when I was in high school I was dating the kicker on the football team.  The coach wasn't very fond of me and used to call me squirrel. Fast forward almost 35 years and my husband calls me squirrel sometime totally by coincidence.  I finally told him the story of high school,  DH says it is because I jump from thing to thing, and I am kind of all over the place, and get distracted easily.   

While doing a lot of cutting of my Ocean waves quilt I have moments when I just need a break.  I decided I was going to get Christmas presents for my kids made early this year.  This is going to be the year of the microwave bowl cozy.  The 2nd to the oldest of our daughters just purchased a new home and their colors in the kitchen are apple green and gray.

I have one sewn completely and the other 3 are ready to finish sewing too. Two are the rose looking fabric in green with gray chevrons, and the other two are gray looking roses with the green chevron.  I also have another set of 4 all cut out and ready to sew for the middle daughter.  I watched, I don't know how many YouTube videos, and read a bunch of different blog posts.  Mine is an amalgam of all of them.  I used Pellon's Wrap and Zap as my batting.  I will say I love the feel of it is very soft.

I also chose to make the pie and rolling pin block called Baked with Love from Pink Simplicity for the Farm Girl QAL that I am participating in.

The next 2 blocks are the strawberry, and the pumpkin.  Since I needed a chance to do something different, today I made the Out to Pasture Block.
I was originally going to use the 9 patch that I made in mistake while making the milk can but changed my mind multiple times until I settled on this. I also dug through my scrap bin picking out fabrics for the strawberry. 

 Doing this little things kind of help me when I am starting to feel impatient.  Or Squirrely if you may.


  1. love your microwave bowls. Jacky has been making tons of them as well for gifts. and that pie so cute! I had picked out my strawberry fabrics and even cut them. do you think I MADE it? um NOPE. squirrelly thats me too. I started a NEW project. yep. when I said this was the year of the UFOs. I lied. oh well. so much for planning......

  2. I am still making them every once in a while. Love your ba!ing block. I love quick things that you can finish in one day are less.

  3. I've been meaning to make the fabric bowl insulators for years now (Squirrel). Well, I just ordered some of the Pellon, and, hopefully, I won't get as 'squirrled' this time around. Somewhere, I have the pattern, that hubby bought me, years ago. Too many ideas, not enough time, and, then they get boring......

  4. You have been really getting things accomplished. Love your version of the bowl. Your blocks really have the best colors. Love them.

  5. That's an interesting story. The microwave bowl holders are a great idea. Your blocks look nice too.

  6. Nothing wrong with being squirrely I say! My Mother used to call me a butterfly for the same reason! Love the microwave bowl cosy!

  7. I have many squirrel moments so I find that very normal. Your bowl covers look wonderful :)

  8. I'm totally with you on being a squirrel. I can be in the middle of sewing something and get an I go! The microwave bowls look great and I think you rock to be getting a jump on Christmas gifts.


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