Saturday, April 29, 2017

And This One Was Just Right

Remember when I mentioned in my previous post that I had started working on Jeff's quilt, and found some fabric, but didn't have quite enough? Well I knew it was a Hoffman 1895 but I wasn't too sure what color green it was.  I found some and ordered, but because I am never too sure about colors when ordering off the computer I ordered 3 different greens from Fabric Fanatics.

The color I needed was called Frog, at least I thought. 
Perfect match! This one was just right. Which meant I could work on the 2nd block.  I decided I wanted to have flying geese surrounding the motif on the shirt this time.

I think it is good for me to figure out these different borders for the shirt motifs because I have to use my brain, and do math. 

I was very pleased with how it turned out.  The 2nd block turned out nice and flat, it wasn't as frustrating as dealing with the cross stitch block.  So now I have 2 blocks finished. 
 Since I decided I wanted it to be scrappy greens and yellows I have been looking for those colors. I decided to look at Missouri Star because I had a sale notice with free shpping....big mistake. I went to their sale page and found a bunch of reproduction fabrics which were on sale.  These will be nice in my saw toothed square quilt. 


A mustard yellow.   I have been having a problem finding a buttery yellow yet.

Then of course if you can find black on white, or white on black it is a staple of your stash.

Oh yeah I did find a yellow for the t-shirt quilt too. Yes I know it is a bit feminine, but it will blend in.
Of course since I was shopping, after fighting with the cat about pins I decided I needed a magnetic pin bowl. Lucy and I have a slight truce right now as long as my stuff doesn't mess up her feng shui. 

And I take a few minutes to pet her, and brush her.  She decided tonight I would be a nice lap for her to sit on.  I have never heard her purr, but tonight she sounded like a small weed whip, she was so loud.

I did my bag lady block for the month for guild.
I am not too sure about the use of the center fabric.  It is lovely, but it doesn't really pop like I wanted it to. 

I read another e-mail advertisement and got these from Donna's Lavender Nest.  I love the yellow flowers with the green plaid leaves.  There was only a fat quarter, I wish there was more.  I want to use it in the quilt too.

The rest I bought for the Swoon quilt I have been working on, more off than on, and of course loved the red daisies, and the blue plaid with fruit.  I was also gifted 3 charm squares which I will trim up for my tumbler leader and enders. 

Finally my mom, and her cousins have been working on a book for several years, tracing our family from California,back to New York and Nova Scotia.  One of the  cousins passed away about 2 years ago from cancer, so my mom and and the other cousins finished the book and had it published. 

This is the 2nd book on our family and its genealogy that my mom has had published.  I am so proud of her and all the work that she has put into this book.  

Its nice when you find fabric which is just right. 


  1. love your blocks and your new stash acquisitions
    and the genealogy book is interesting too. especially since our reunion we found out someones maiden name was Beck and they are mostly from NY and Ia. wonder if we are related girlfriend?

  2. I think a search for your heritage would be interesting and tremendously hard. I don't think I know enough about my parents to even know where to start.

    Well, you've been stitching a bit, purchasing a little, and making friends with the cat. I'd say you are accomplishments are worthwhile. I hope Aunt is doing better.

    What is the story behind your blog name? Just nosey.
    xx, Carol

  3. That floral will fit in nicely, since you and Jeff were a great pair, too. Cool about the book. Hey, would you tell me all the details that go with your 'bag lady' blocks, please? It might be something I could use with one of my guilds. I'm always looking for ideas to get our ladies involved.

  4. Just love your blocks..that green is got a nice haul of fabric...
    nothing like new fabric to perk you up. hugs, Julierose

  5. Jeff's quilt is coming right along, each block with it's own personality just like the t shirts! Looks like some good fabric adds too :)

  6. Wonderful post. Love reading about your fabric purchases. Jeff's quilt is going to be amazing. I would be interested in knowing more about your family's connection to Nova Scotia which I call home. I live in Alberta but Nova Scotia will always be home.

  7. You definitely found the right green. Blocks look terrific.

  8. The blocks are really looking great. There is nothing like those John Deere green and yellows!

    I hope you and Lucy continue to work on that truce. It sounds like she is trying very hard to work into your heart. ;-)

    Congratulations to your mom. Those family studies are so intense and require so much time.

  9. You are making great progress on your t-shirt quilt. Jeff is smiling! I can't wait to see the next blocks. Nice fabric purchases too. How amazing that your mom has written 2 books! I love it!!

  10. The blocks are gorgeous! You've done a wonderful job. Love seeing all those yummy fabrics. I can see why you are so proud of your mom...tracing family history seems like it would be a full-time job!

  11. I love when luck happens and I find matching fabric. It looks great on your block! Cute, cute magnetic pincushion...I bought one that was red polka dot. Genealogy was big in my life before I started quilting, but it's still in my heart. I love the book and think your mom deserves a big pat on the back!


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