Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why the Cat Sabotages Me and Other Quilty Conundrums

When the Ancient Ones moved in so did their cat Lucy.  To say that Lucy works against me much of the time is an understatement.  If I upset Lucy she throws up on demand.  I thought I would try to sew today.  Imagine my frustration when I realized that my HST that I make were on the floor.  Obviously it didn't suit Lucy's aesthetic. 

I sat my bin of tumblers on the couch where I could grab them while I sew. 

Yeah look who thought I could take my tumbler bin and shove it.

Speaking of tumbler bins.  Dawn at SewYouQuilt2 was showing off her tumblers.  They all look so nice and neat.
Yep mine are a hot mess. 

I started working on the t-shirt quilt.  I measured all the motifs and started drawing on graph paper trying to work out a layout. I was not being very successful.  So I decided to take a different tact. I designed a border around one block, and cut the block out, after putting fusible on it. 

I then started playing with the fabrics I had.  And hate them.  So this will be set aside until what I ordered arrives, then we will see. Ever have that problem?  Have fabrics in mind but they are just not what you wanted after all?  Once I get my first block done I will build around it. 

I love sales, and of course over the Easter week there were plenty online.  I need to quit looking at the e-mails.  Just delete!

 I got these from Hancock's of Paduchah.  Seriously who can resist 12 fat quarters for less than $20? 
On another site I saw this super cute table runner pattern.  See the top one with the sewing machine?  Of course the store had a kit, (well actually they had all 3 kits), and I loved the fabric so I bought the kit. 
And of course then I needed backing from the same line. 
I also got a yummy squishy package from Kris from Kris Loves Fabric.  Be still my beating heart!
Gorgeous fabrics, texty fabrics, blues I can't wait to play in them.  Thank you so much Kris.  It cheered my soul on a stressful day. 


  1. Now you know why I have dogs, not cats. I love the top table runner. Vintage sewing machines ROCK!

  2. awww Lucy looks soooo innocent laying on that pillow LOL at least she hasnt learned how to shut off the phone, tv and computer all at the same time! LOL
    cant wait to see what you do with the tee shirt quilt. Once I am in a better place with the deer quilt I may have to pull out my celtic tees and play. those fabrics from Kris are so beautiful! have fun playing........and tell Lucy that Dunkin says she has NOTHING on him ha ha

  3. Yes cats can be jerks that's for sure. My daughter's cat is so attached to her that whenever she goes away he throws up all over the house! It is better now that she has a roommate but he still really misses her.

  4. Ha, if my cat had seen those cords she would have proceeded to chew them like they were a corn cob...really...Lucy is a doll, she is just trying to learn to quilt :)
    Glad your package arrived safely and looks like you are planning a patriotic quilt, nice fabric choices you have there.
    I always quilt organically and yes, I change fabric choices mid project all the time! I think that's actually part of the fun but it can be annoying to decide what to do with the cast-offs. I have a pile mounded on my cutting table right now that qualifies. You will make a beautiful memory quilt with those tees, I see it is coming together for you!
    Hope your day is better today...give the cat a job...mine likes to sit on my half done blocks and purr.

  5. OMGosh, I am going to have to start OPENING those emails!! You found some good stuff. Kris sent you some really great fabric. You are going to have to get busier stitching. I have dogs. They don't mess with my stash. They DO lay behind me and trip me when I move. They do put their head on my lap when I am busy stitching a sign they require attention or food...usually food. (They are on weight watchers and cannot have treats). Pets keep you on your toes and make life interesting when you embrace them.

    I live very near the St. Joseph River in Northern Indiana. We are having reports of a black panther in the area. Pictures of footprints have been confirmed by the DNR to be a BIG CAT. Not relevant to you, but interesting non the less, lol.
    xx, Carol

  6. My cat sits on her perch in the sewing room and keeps one eye on me and the other on outside. I hope Lucy settles down soon. Cats really don't like change. Good luck.

  7. Nice fabrics! I live getting goodies in the mail but decided only to buy what I need!

  8. It sounds like someone is vying for your attention! They are interesting creatures.

    You got some great deals. I shouldn't have been using my delete button so often.

    I think the T shirt quilts are hard to make when the blocks are so many different sizes. Good luck with the progress.

  9. When I first got the kittens, Oreo would pee in my strings basket. At least Lucy hasn't done that yet! Just give her lots of love and she will become your most faithful companion.

  10. Love seeing all those fabrics! Lots of inspiration, but sure hope the cat doesn't adopt them, giggle...


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