Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Busy in Oregon

I have been so very busy since I arrived at my parents house.

Bobbin and I have a nice place to stay, a 30 ft travel trailer in the front yard.

I have a couch which is the perfect height sit on and to sew on a folding table.

A cutting area on the banquet. 

An ironing area on a counter in the kitchen, and a decent bed.

I have electricity, a refrigerator, bathroom, and internet.  As you can see Bobbin has made herself at home.

The first order of business was a birthday party for my youngest grandson Cayden.  I rode the Max and met his mama, sister and the birthday boy downtown at Powell's City of Books.

I bought a couple of bags, and some books.  I also bought Cayden a book for his birthday, and a book for his sister Karena for her birthday also.

I cooked dinner for 12 for his birthday and he asked for carrot cake.

It was great spending a birthday with him.  

A couple of days later we went up to visit my oldest daughter and her husband while they were camping on the Clackamas River.

Seriously, what is not to love about their camp spot?  This is not in a camp ground, just a pull out along the road. 

My sister and our niece Violet playing on the river bank.  Nothing like skipping rocks.

My mom, dad, oldest daughter Kathryn, and her husband Dustin.

I talked my dad into going to the county fair.  I will write a separate post for that.  

A couple of day later was Miss Violet's 3rd birthday party.

I talked my parents in escaping the heat and smoke and head to the coast for a day.  We started at the Columbia River Jetty near Astoria and Battery Russell.  It was too cold and windy for my parents.

Bobbin and I walked around the top of the dunes along the jetty.  The posts you see are what is left of the railroad that was built that took the large boulders out to the end of the jetty to build it up at the mouth of the Columbia River, and Columbia River Bar.

You can see how foggy it was, just a fine mist was falling.

Down the beach.  We saw the hint of green and had to go and investigate.

A fishing net which must have been lost.

Here you can see the large railroad ties which have broken off and lay near the piers.

There were some rails laying in the sand.  Bobbin uncovered a spike.

We wandered on down and took a walk along the beach at the wreck of the Peter Iredale.

Bobbin enjoyed the beach.

We looked down what would have been one of the stacks.

The tide was out.

The weather was cool so it wasn't terrible to leave Bobbin in the car and we stopped at Cannon Beach at a restaurant called Moe's for clam chowder and garlic bread.

I had not been further south on the coast than Cannon beach in many years.  My how it had changed.  All the small towns were now catering to tourist and had grown substantially.  Our final stop was in Tillamook at the Tillamook Cheese Factory and Creamery.  I got a single scoop cone, and this was Bobbin's kid's scoop.

This past Sunday I cooked yet another family dinner for 18, and we took a drive up the Columbia River Gorge to Multnomah Falls.

A few of us hiked to the first bridge up the falls.  We cannot hike any further because of the fire in 2017, the trails to the top of the falls are closed.

The view of the gorge from the falls bridge.

That group around the bench are most of my family.  The picture was taken from the falls bridge.  The 26th would have been 67 months since Jeff and I had been married, standing down there at the rail on January 26, 2013.  It was such a very special place for Jeff and I, so I threw a small teaspoon full of his ashes over the falls.

Cayden was one of the few that hiked the 1/2 mile with me up the falls.  So he took a break on a boulder and I had to get a picture of him.

Of course there were visits quilt shops along the way.   I will need to share that in another post. 


  1. You have a great setup there in that travel trailer. And how great to spend time with family. Jeff is happy a part of him is in your special place at the falls. It is beautiful scenery out there.

  2. My, your pictures are beautiful! Hugs and prayers for you and your family in this special time!

  3. What a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Just a lovely posting . what a wonderful place to stay and visit with your family. Beautiful ocean viws and pictures...enjoy hugs, Julierose

  5. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and your adventures. Bobbin is getting cuter.


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