Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Heading to Vernal

Going to Vernal was almost amusing if it wasn't so dang hot!  And the road I chose was pretty near completely deserted.  When you travel a couple of hundred miles and maybe at the most,  pass 100 cars you are out there.

Along the Colorado River which was interesting seeing it so small.  Through Rabbit Ears Pass.

Into Steamboat Springs, I was not impressed a wee bit too touristy for my tastes. 

We passed a couple of entrances to Dinosaur National Monument, but the thermometer on the dash was reading 105 degrees F.
Bobbin was not impressed  But we decided to drive in and see if there was anything that I could see from the car.

The Visitors Center and the tram to the Quarry.  Unfortunately with Bobbin I could not go in, but I could drive the park and it was gorgeous if you love geology. 

All the different layers of rock and the colors were fabulous.
Seeing how it soared diagonally.

This big hollowed out area, below it is the Green River, there were a lot of rafters running the river. 

Loved the red rocks and dirt I can see.  While in the desert the colors just are awesome.

The folds of rocks. 
Behind the hill in the front is where they found dinosaur fossils. 

After our little drive I decided that Bobbin and I needed to get to Vernal for some cool, and some food. 


  1. More lovely photos, thanks. Other than moving, or picking up the new dog, I've never traveled with a dog. Hey, we even like the same music.

  2. Wow those folded rock formations are amazing--they would make a lovely quilt idea..stay cool and safe now...hugs, Julierose

  3. Still in the 90s here, wonder what September will bring? You are seeing some fantastic scenery looks like!

  4. The shapes of the rocks always make me wish I knew more geology. It is fascinating.

    We passed Vernal on the train and I remember it being so pretty, but with temps like that I could pass the visit.


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