Friday, August 31, 2018

Clackamas County Fair

I talked my dad in attending the 112th Annual Clackamas County Fair in Canby, Oregon on August 17, 2018.

Many moons ago I got my sewing start in 4-H and showed my items at the Clackamas County Fair.  Back then, lot of my friends showed cows, horses, and we stayed at the fair almost all week long.  We were required to work in the kitchen for two 4 hour shifts during the week.  Forty plus years later.....It cost me $10 just to park.  It cost me $9 to get in.  My dad got in for free he is a silver senior 75+.

Our first stop we watched the kids showing their rabbits.

We then headed to the pioneer village and the displays.

Clothes washing with a scrub board, and wringer.

Different types of spinning wheels, there were even some ladies set up outside spinning.

The dressmaker's shop.  Check out that sewing machine!

I wandered over to the flower stalls.

I thought the fair house were cute.

And this arrangement called Hog wild.

There were scarecrows.

A gorgeous old Ford Truck.

With wood wheels!

The building which used to house 4-H is no longer is used for that purpose.  The new 4-H hall was rather small, but there were not many enteries either.  But the old building boy did it bring back memories.  These are the same display cabinets which were in use when I was a teen.  When I was a teen all around the walls were clothes which were made and modeled by the 4-H girls.  That area has been taken over by domestic arts which is for those not in 4-H---adults displaying their quilts, afghans, photography, cross stitch just to name a few items. 

 This was one of my favorites. 

 I have seen this quilt in many advertisements it was neat to see it in person.

 I thought this was awesome. 

 I likes this one, how simple it was, but the colors were awesome.

There were over 40 quilts.  Many more than the 13 which were entered in the Monroe County Fair. 

Many of those display cabinets held embroidery, cross stitch, and crocheted, and knitted items. 

After a quick lunch my dad was tired and it was time to head home. 


  1. Awesome day with Dad at the fair.
    My Dad was funny last year at the fair. He is 86 and says i am having apple pie and ice cream for lunch lol later on he got a plate of french fries. He loves fair food. Not sure if he will be able to walk this year with his breathing.

  2. Lovely day outing to the fair for you and your Dad;)) Love those dahlias--amazing colors and those quilts are so pretty..sounds like you had a great time...hugs, Julierose

  3. Colette, loved your Portland photos, btw. Such an interesting place to visit as is that state.
    I can't decide if I like the pincushion tomato or the Hawain quilt the best. And what stunning flowers.
    Loads of lovely things to ogle.

  4. Beautiful pictures. Love the flowers. I had to show hubby the old Ford truck with the wooden spokes.

  5. Our hometown fair was during the rodeo. I always loved to go to both.

  6. I love a good county fair. The dahlias were so pretty and that chicken quilt is fabulous.

  7. Love the big fluffy bunnies! Really enjoyed all the photo's. Just finished at the Auditors for the end of March 2018 accounts chat. Came back to work and just finishing off the day with your blog. Made me smile to see all the different things.


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