Saturday, October 26, 2019

Drudge Work

Is there any part of quilting that you just hate?  I know a lot of people don't like to bind.  I love to bind, it is so relaxing.  The part I dislike the most is putting on borders.  I like cutting, piecing, but setting blocks, sashing and borders are soooo boring.

I decided to put my big girl panties on and get some things moved along a bit.

I shared about this quilt and some of the others in my post called Chasing Squirrels. I finished the red and white strips, sewed the stars on and decided it needed to be a wee bit bigger so I added a 2 inch red border and a 5 inch blue border.   I am sure there is something I can use for backing in the charity boxes since it is for guild. 

I added the green strips to the lone star I was making for the bag lady quilt, and started piecing it together.  This will be a center medallion for the quilt.

Still not having much success trying to make signature blocks unfortunately to match this quilt.  I have had 3 failures so far.  I will try again this next week.  

I have been pinning the rows together on my saw tooth square.  Lots of points matching going on.

 I have only 3 more rows left to add, but they are all sewn together.  That is what I call drudge work. 

Since I had white thread in my machine I grabbed the BOM from my Tuesday sewing group and made it up quickly. 

 I finished step 1 of the Butterfly Threads Seeing Stars Sew Along.

Then whipped up step 2.

I am all ready for when step 3 is published in November.

I am kind of leaning toward the thought I finished a quilt, and have another almost to the flimsy stage, I think I can start a new project or two, but also pull out a couple more UFO's and get to work on them. 


  1. Good for you--finishing up--I hate the layering and pinning/basting and then the worst is hauling a quilt through Helga's harp--even though it is a pretty good size...I hate when it gets stuck on a table corner!! Ugh!! My favorite part is just making the blocks..chain-sewing fashion-- just whizzing them through..what fun!! Hugs, Julierose

  2. Probably the layering is the hardest for me.

  3. I always get stuck at backings as mine are usually scrappy and I do not want to piece a backing. I have just to get er done. I like binding and find it relaxing.

  4. I’m with you! I, too, enjoy stitching the binding onto a quilt, but balk at adding borders. As a matter of fact I seldom add borders if I can help it. Often, a quilt will languish in a pile until I wake up one morning and think, “Today's the day......”. You have lots going on in your sewing space, all delightful projects. I applaud you for keeping up with each and every one of them.

  5. Fabulous quilting going on at your house! All looks great! I love binding, so near to finishing, always done by hand. Layering is a drudge

  6. Basting is my drudge. I got three basted today and now I am done for a while. Yippie!! I really love the saw tooth squares! And the colors in the Seeing Stars are lovely!!! The pops of bright green are fabulous!


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