Wednesday, October 30, 2019

I Like Thursday #81

Welcome to my 81st installment of I Like Thursday.  A huge thank you, and virtual hug to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging a few intrepid bloggers to find something to like/love during the week and share. 

Occasionally I will wander a wee bit away from home.  Last Friday I took a quick trip to Milan, Michigan to visit the quilt shop Textile.  I needed some fabric to finish up my Chi-Chi pillow, and the fabric which I made my pillow from I won at Fat Quarter Bingo there.  It was a lovely drive even though it was overcast. The little town has a "hometown" feel with a downtown full of brick storefront buildings, there are new shops coming in such as a quilt shop, knitting and yarn shop, a cute bakery, home decor and many others.  The public parking is in the back of all the shops and has a neat walkway, maybe a little scary in the dark, but pretty during the day.  They do have very pretty lighting fixtures all along the path.

The welcoming archway to the walkway to Main Street.

I thought this old building looks neat.  I think it may have been a barn looking at the cupola on the top.  Now it is covered with ivy.

I like how someone planted all these gorgeous bright mums in an old cast iron light base.

After finding some fabric I headed back to the car, and passed Life is Sweet Bakery and so of course I had to stop. 

I bought a creme brulee' muffin top.  It had fresh raspberries and blueberries in it and was fabulous.

I got a chuckle out of this junk yard's Halloween decorations.  I wish I could have stopped to take a better picture.

The side of the car says 'Til Death Do Us Part'. 

I like that I seem to be getting a lot of stuff done even though it doesn't feel like it. 

My dining room table where I sew the most, you can actually see some wood!  I only have 3 projects sitting on it instead of 20. 

I need to get into the habit of trimming up my scraps when I am working on my projects, instead of waiting until I have an unmanageable pile.  I do trim up my HST now though as I go.  I have 3 shoe boxes on my table with 1 1/2, 2, and 2 1/2 HST, all trimmed and waiting for a someday project. 

I like this fabric I bought for my Chi-chi throw pillow by Ruby Star Society.

Isn't this an awesome saying?!?

Speaking of using shoe boxes these two are holding my scraps that need to be cut up. 
*sigh*  I like study shoe boxes that can lead a 2nd life holding my scraps and HST. 

The white tote has 2 1/2 inch strips for guild, and the kitty litter bucket holds my strips for string quilts.  Empty kitty litter buckets are awesome. I have one sitting by my cutting table for strings, another sitting for scraps for dog beds, and one under the table for garbage like thread bits, paper, broken pins, and needles. 

I like these white marking pens for doing HST.  I like to do the line, I have tried other ways and they just don't work great for me. 

Funny story the reason why the table got cleaned off was I was looking for the two marking pencils above.  I had the original dark red one.  I lost it, so I bought the same pencil, but they now make it in that funky pink/white.  I couldn't find that one either.  So I ordered 2 more off of Amazon.  Um guess what I found?   I found the pink/white one, in my tool holder by my machine.  I forgot they changed the look--so it wasn't really lost  (insert scrunchy face that is blushing).  The other one?  I found under my recliner, which got moved today because I dropped a fork and it bounced under there.  Now I have 4 white pencils and 3 refill packs!  I can mark dark fabrics f o r e v e r!!!  Or......until I lose all 4. 

I like this pencil it is a Bic with a .9 mm lead which is awesome for marking on fabric.   Yep it even shows up on dark fabrics. 

I like these fork pins.  If you are matching a ton of point and you always end up with a wee bit of movement when using straight pins, these work awesome.

Since it is almost Halloween it was time to drag out an old favorite movie.  Hocus Pocus

Can you believe this was made in 1993?  Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, Gary Marshall, Penny Marshall....Always makes me laugh out loud. 

My books for the week were The Lost by Claire McGowan which is set in Ireland.   Not all who are missing are lost.  Magdalene Laundries, the tensions which were between the Irish Catholics and Protestants, Travelers.... a captivating read. 
 The 6th in the Dewberry Farm Mysteries called Wicked Harvest by Karen MacInerney.  I love these books, the characters and they are a fun read. 

Thanks for visiting, I hope I gave you a chuckle, now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to visit the other I Like Thursday bloggers. 

Have a Delightfully Scary Halloween!


  1. Great likes. Funny about the pens. How did I end up with 5 rotary cutters you ask? Lol

  2. Neat likes--your table looks like my cutting table all the time!! lol Happy Halloween...our will be rainy and windy...hugs, Julierose

  3. I would love visiting that street in Milan. Creme brulee muffin top? Genius. I keep all my pens, pencils, and scissors in a flower pot. But, I still buy duplicates. heehee. I use and love my fork pins for holding matching seams in place. Great, fun post. mary

  4. That does look like a fun town to visit! I should cut up and sort my scraps when I'm done with a project, too, but never seem to manage it... I'm so glad you found your missing pens - they look handy!

  5. now I have to look up the history of the old town. It sounds like one described in a series I read a few years ago. That cupcake!
    I just store scraps by color, and don't cut them til I need them, but then I don't make block quilts often. Good luck on organizing, I am always chasing that tail. You come up with so many good books!

  6. Hi Colette! Lot of goodness in this post. That Ruby Star fabric is so cool. I could definitely find a use for that fabric. That is too funny about the marking pencils - you will never have to buy them again. Unless you can't find them . . . then you'll have SIX. HAHA! Happy Halloween to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. So many things that I'm nodding at as I read this post! Lol on losing but not really the pens; with this reno I totally get that. That saying was in the frontispiece of a novel I taught my grade 7s, The Summer of Mr. Ito, about the Japanese internment in Canada during WWII. It is a Japanese proverb. I love that they put it on the selvage. The Halloween car was awesome and that muffin! yum! Thank you for thanking LeeAnna; I did by email but thought I need to publicly in the next I Like post, and next thing I read, you've done that very thing! Snap!

  8. Happy Halloween, glad you are now ready to mark your fabric :) Happens to us all...I can never find my seam ripper...

  9. I've been using pencil now more often for marking. Glad to see I'm not the only one. And LOL about your lost pens. figures. I am intrigued by those fork pins. That sounds like a great idea for dealing with points.

  10. That town looks so charming! I love towns like that. If you ever come my direction, I will take you to the Amanas. You would love it!

  11. Milan looks a very pretty town. Love those yellow mums! I am always 'losing' things buying again and then weeks later finding them. I am reorganising the sewing room at the moment, and trying to be more organised. Sigh.....Ha..ha,

  12. So many lovely likes here! Gotta note creme brulee muffins-sounds heavenly. Charming town with great places to visit.
    THose yellow mums look just like mine. I brought them inside tonight because the temp is supposed to fall one degree below zero. I lose things all the time and then they turn up out of the blue. It's gremlins or fairies~one of those, lol. It is interesting how we all have our own ways of marking fabrics and I enjoy reading these details too. But you are on a roll with the projects!

  13. Great likes! That walkway in Milan speaks to me as well! Beautiful! It's fun to see that as winter approaches everyone is up to their elbows (and tables) in new projects! Enjoy! PS, that car is a hoot! Have a great weekend Collette!


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