Sunday, November 3, 2019

Pointy Things

I shared on my I Like Thursday post about fork pins and how awesome they are for matching points.  Well the reason I know how great there are is I finally finished piecing the Saw Toothed Square quilt that started out as part of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge in 2015?

I was kind of torn about a border.  I thought of doing piano key, but after discussing with the Tuesday group I decided just a 6 inch border in white all the way around--yep my nemesis sewing on borders.  I actually have batting and a backing so maybe I can get this sandwiched and start working on it.

I got my BOM completed after finding replacement fabric since I cut it wrong. I also managed to get a lot of the units for the finishing kit sewing together.  I may actually have this quilt done sooner than later.

I got my star sewn together.  I need to make some corner triangles to make it square but for now I am going to let it marinate while I work on some other things.  I need a day with no distractions to work on the signature blocks.  I was told the block is called chimney sweep.  I have found 6 or 9 inch versions but I need a 12 inch block and while I located a  pattern it is just not going the way I want.  Especially when considering I need to make 7.

I have picked up a couple more UFO's and made some headway but decided perhaps I needed something new to work on.  I have the two BOM from the LQS that are almost done, and I am working on the finishing kits for those, so I went exploring and found.....a very old BOM that I have obviously had for years.  It is called Stars over Bali Skies.  I had never seen one finished before until I met with LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color in 2018 and we went shopping at High Prairie Quilts in Parker, Colorado.  It was like spotting a rare and wonderful bird in the wild!

I pulled out envelope one, and looked at the fabric and thought oh my!  Here is why you should not hold onto a BOM!

1.  Just the one month had 3 pages of fabric legend
2.  I had each piece of the fabric, but if I cut may be an OMG moment then stash diving to try to make up for it---lucky for me my batik stash is deep.
3.  The quilt shop I purchased from has since gone out of business
4.  Luckily I am kind of an experienced quilter because there were minimal directions.

The first month had fabric to make 4 blocks and a bunch of extra fabric that it told me to cut into 2 1/2 inch strips, and sew into strip sets randomly.

Looking at the example I have the top left corner section blocks done.  I should just bite the bullet and start sewing the strip sets and making the blocks. 

I decided to grab a couple of kits.  The more the merrier right?  I realized the instructions were created that the kits could be a BOM so I could chunk them up easier too. If I was doing really great maybe I could do a month a week?  

Halloween Figs Sampler month 1.  

Next up is Jason Yenter of In the Beginning fabric 4 month BOM called A Poinsettia Winter.  Lots of cutting on this one for block one.

Also this tiny section has some Y seams, and applique' too.  OK so maybe I won't finish a month a week.  LOL

Of course while I have been slaving away I have been doing some stash enhancements too.

A fat quarter bundle of Early Bird by Bonnie and Camille.

An awesome fat quarter bundle that I picked up from an Etsy store while looking for replacement fabric for the BOM I messed up.  (That is the fabric in the back.)

A cute kit from McKenna Ryan, I just love the bear witch, and the bear ghosts! 

The new Primitive Gatherings book on wool. 

A BOM pattern.  I saw the quilt at a quilt show and wanted to make the quilt.  The pattern and BOM was from 2014. 

More fabric for my bat quilt and some National parks fabric to go with the panels I have been purchasing.

A purple civil war print, black for bats, and a batik.....dang photo bomber and her little feets.

A Cut Loose Pattern that I saw on Facebook.  I can't tell you how many stores I went to in person and online to find this pattern.  I love the quick curve ruler and I think this quilt will be fun to make someday.

I ordered this cute Blueberry Backroads Halloween embroidery and the lady on Etsy ran out.  She sent me part of my order with a couple of fat quarters and then sent this later with more fat quarters. 

Overall I feel like I have been making some progress. With lots of pointy things. 


  1. The batik quilt is going to be gorgeous!! I have an Early Bird bundle, too. Any idea what you are going to do with yours?

  2. ha! I have the patriots in petticoats one, only have one block made...really 2014? :-O

  3. Love your projects! You have some gorgeous quilt kits as well as beautiful fabric. So much to play with!

  4. I was hunting through your recent posts to find something you shared that I wanted to link to in my Thursday post (lol, does that make you wonder?!) and had to stop and read about the pointy things. So fun to look at all your projects in progress, Colette! That Stars over Bali Skies is just gorgeous! It looks like having a photo from the shop will come in handy.

  5. Borders are my nemesis, too! Loved seeing your WIPS and feel inspired to get my quilting day started. Coffee first.

  6. Your stash and finds are always more exciting then mine. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt is beautiful and amazing!


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