Tuesday, November 19, 2019

How Do They Do That?

Are there times you are so totally amazed at how much people get accomplished, and that they can blog every day?  Heck I forget to comb my hair some days let alone sitting down to blog, and I don't have small children.  Well, unless you count a 2 year old dog, and some kittens, and all the chickens, they keep me plenty busy.

That being said are any of you thinking about doing Bonnie Hunter's mystery QAL called Frolic?  I thought about it, then said no, but I am inside more than I was before, and I need to do some selfish sewing occasionally.  But I really did not want to shop my stash, and frankly a lot of those colors are not present in my stash.  Quilting By the Bay in Panama City, Florida shared on Facebook that they had a bundle with 52 fat quarters.  I thought sure why not.

A mixture of Mod Grunge, Batiks, and so many fun prints.  I am looking forward to the start on Black Friday, so while everyone else is out running around I am going to be sewing my heart out with these luscious beauties.

Have you noticed you mention you need a new coat and suddenly you have advertisements popping up all the time for coats on the internet?  Unfortunately for me Etsy seems to know my style just a little too well, and I had a suggestion for a little shop that had Bonnie and Camille in a 10 piece fat quarter bundle from various lines.

10 fat quarters for $15 be still my heart.

I also recently received a pattern and I wanted to use mostly solids.

 I found a bundle of Riley Blake Shabby Fabric which is similar to grunge, but while grunge reminds you of somethings kind of dirty, shabby is more worn looking.

I also found some of the red chicken foot print that I love!  I mean what chicken loving girl wouldn't love chicken track fabric?

Yes I have been sewing--not just hoarding making fabric acquisitions.  I turned in 6 quilts that are ready to be tied, and 1 completed top today for the church charity.  I finished one more and partially finished another.

I have all the squares cut and sewn into sections of 6's and 3's to put this quilt together for the VFW.

I am always getting panels in donations so I thought I would use this cheater panel with the Dresden and build around it. Finding matching fabrics was tough, I even pulled from my stash. I love it when my quilt math turns out right!

I have the blocks for the Christmas Quilt BOM put together for the 1st month.  I still need to applique the center.  These blocks were a challenge!

The next BOM was super simple.  It is called Reflected Harmony, I love the reds, soft pinks and florals in this quilt. 

I had to run to the LQS the day it was snowing, the forecast was for 6 or more inches.  It was my day to turn in my block of the month so that I could pick up my new one.  The roads weren't terrible thank goodness.  I picked up my block and found some fun Christmas prints.  Perhaps I need some simple mindless sewing and I should pull out my Christmas quilt to work on. 

I also bought some prints to make an exchange gift.

I have been collecting some wool patterns for someday projects also.

I saw these chickadees and fell in love with them.  This is  kit, but  I also have another pattern which is brand new from what I understand.

I love the garden theme with these chickadees.

It is that time of year where things start to really get hectic. I am hoping I can take a step back and get some sewing done. 


  1. You have a lot going on there--I am not one for mystery quilts--(they make me nervous for some reason--I am not the adventurous type at all!!)but I love watching everyones' coming together...your Dresden is so pretty--you did a nice job matching up colors...hugs, Julierose

  2. ha, you look plenty busy to me...not planning to fall for the mystery this year but will see if the first clue changes my mind! Bonnie made it sound good but I shudder at "mint" so would change up the colors which makes me hesitate. One thing she said was to be sure all the colors have contrast between them because it's possible for any piece to be next to another.

  3. Are you kidding me? I can't believe what you accomplish. I'm always amazed when I read your blog. I like that Dresden panel and your matches. I'm not into mystery quilts but like seeing other people's results. Enjoy!

  4. Love all your fabrics and projects! Haha, hoarding :) You are getting soooo much done. I'm toying with Bonnie's mystery, leaning toward probably not, but I may change my mind!

  5. Oh yeah! Combing the hair. It's 2 p.m. and I haven't done that yet...Hahahaha. Must remember that before Mick comes home from golf. Trying not to start anything new. Just now getting back to sewing, and starting to enjoy it again.

  6. There are blogging secrets like preblogging for a few days.gives you uninterrupted sewing time. Love your dresdan project.you have a lot of great projects going on.and you accomplish tons. I think we are often critical of ourselves.

  7. lots of good idea's love that blue with sewing notions

  8. Hmmm......some yummy fabric choices there! I have got some simple Christmas sewing out plus trying to finish some UFO's. But I keep getting distracted by Snowy and just sitting with him talking and stroking him. Ha..ha... Lazy I guess. I will watch your Bonnie Hunter mystery take shape......now...let me think.....where is that hairbrush!

  9. You MUST give us the secrets of where you are finding your treasures! You do have scheduled a few ideas, good for you. I want to try Bonnie's mystery. I download all the instructions anyway hoping one day to see it all. Those wildflowers in Texas are beautiful in bloom. That color(of the actual flower) is my favorite. By the way those Chickadee kits look yummy. Let me know if you want to pass them on. My MIL loves those birds. Over the years I have gifted her several embroidery/crewel pictures pillows of the birds.

    1. Thanks for visiting I hate to admit it but I belong to several different groups on Facebook and I see lots of awesome quilts and get some great suggestions for quilt shops. Have a blessed day Robin.

  10. No mystery quilts for me! I dot do sew alongs, period. I’m not very good at keeping up. You’ve picked up a lot of pretty fabrics. And yes, I’m always wondering how some people accomplish so much in such little time.

  11. Have fun with Bonnie's mystery. I'm looking forward to seeing your sewing machine themed quilt.


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