Monday, November 25, 2019

Military Quilts

I threw a teaser out about a quilt display at the Sewing and Quilting Expo that a girlfriend and I attended.  I shared the red cross fundraising quilt which is filled with signatures from 1919.

You will notice there are red and gold stars near some names.  Those were the names of soldiers that signed the quilt.

A WWII Navy Uniform quilt 

A Trip around the world with a center navy insignia. 
I thought this one was really neat.   A WWII insignia quilt

 The legend to the insignias.
The quilt. 

A Vietnam Commemorative Quilt

A Canadian Redwork Quilt

World War I Embroidered Sampler Quilt it appears that it may have been from a kit.

Navy Insignia Quilt.  The story behind this quilt was cool.  A woman would sew the patches on navy uniforms.  She would trade cigarettes for the insignia patch which goes on the arm to obtain enough to make the quilt.

Anchors Aweigh was a very popular quilt pattern.

The Poppy Quilt

Three Cheers

Kansas/Oklahoma Fundraiser quilt.  This one has names embroidered on the circle, and the wedges.  What I thought was fascinating was that the red motifs were one piece of fabric.

The Tobacco Flannel quilt 

WWII Reunion quilt.  The block is called chimney sweep. 

 Sweetheart Pillow Quilt.  The satin sweetheart pillows were sold on military posts and sent to their sweethearts. 
Radiating Star Quilt
Wings of Glory Quilt

 Sherman's March Quilt
Another signature quilt

Marine Corp Commemorative quilt

Yet another signature quilt. 
I looked and looked but couldn't find any of the notable names on this quilt.

Wings over All

Patriotic Star Quilt

I thought it was an interesting display overall. 


  1. Fascinating array of quilts....Hope you have a wonderful Holiday hugs, Julierose

  2. It looks like an interesting display of quilts. I love those red circles with the spokes.

  3. Great quilts. Thanks for posting them. Happy Thanksgiving!


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