Wednesday, November 6, 2019

I Like Thursday #82

Welcome to my 82nd I like Thursday post.  Every week LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color challenges a group of bloggers to post things, and things that they  experienced the previous week that they like/love.

I am not a big Halloween fan, we live out in the country and we don't get any trick or treaters, but I do like to make things occasionally.  I saw this cute pattern on Instagram and went on a search for it.

 The Skeleton reminds me of the Burt Reynold's Playgirl centerfold many years ago, not that I ever saw it, but I have heard tales.  Looks like a fun cross stitch.

Someone on Facebook shared this quilt and I thought it was so neat.  Kind of primitive looking.

A Bucket List quilt for when my applique skills increase.

What little decorating I do is more fall related than anything.

The little Give Thanks pumpkin is my addition this year.

I like getting some charity quilts moved along.

This one is done and the binding is now on.

A quilt loaded on the quilter.  I have been attempting doing arcs from point to point.  Some are great, others need some work, but done is better than nothing.

Another quilt spray basted and next in line. 

I have a girlfriend who is not a quilter, but being retired she has been struggling with finding things to do.  I was telling her about my struggle with people helping at guild with charity.  For the past 6 months she comes over on most Wednesdays and we work for a couple of hours. 

See this box?  It is the 2nd one and we are about 1/2 way through it in the past couple of weeks. We also had a huge bin full of scraps that originally she helped sort through determining which fabrict we could get some squares or strips, what we should just throw away, or what could be put into strips for string quilts.  One week we prepped 15 quilts to be quilted.  The past few weeks, she irons and I cut.  We now have a 15 inch high stack of 10 inch squares, several boxes with 5 inches squares, 2 1/2 inch strips and several kitty little boxes full of strings.  This friend has also taken a pile of 4 1/2 inch squares and made 2 tops as well as some dog beds to be stuffed.  

Someone had donated a big box of fabric which were all velvet.  She made this super cute dog bed.  I am thankful for my friend and the sense of accomplishment we both feel doing something for others.

The same friend has discovered as she ages he has developed a lot of food allergies.  Seafood, milk, gluten, which makes life interesting.  Since she can no longer bake she gave me this neat pan.

Using a crust recipe you can make pie bowls.  Looks fun right? 

I am always losing recipes, my recipe books are looking the worse for wear since you are always spilling, spattering or dropping.  I saw this neat galvanized recipe book stand and had to have it.

I like these little mums which were super cheap at the grocery store.

They are so bright and cheery with all of these gray days recently.

One of the ladies that I sew with on Tuesday's brought this book and a quilt she made from it.  Of course I had to have the book too then.

What is it about fall/winter you tend to lead toward richer, color saturated fabrics?  I am not one that likes house quilts, but I just may make this one on the cover. 

I am not one to decorate for Christmas early, I am more 2nd week of December decorator, but I saw this ornament and had to order it.

 A treadle sewing machine. 

Wednesday morning as I was walking out the door to feed the chooks I had to stop and appreciate the sunrise. 

Finally my book that I enjoyed this week was the 4th book in the Penny Green series called The Inventor.

Penny Green a reporter on Fleet Street during the Victorian era.  Witnessing a suicide leaving the Crystal Palace during an illumination display, poison pen letters, makes for many plot twists....I like the series, the references to the suffrage movement, but will say I thought this book was a bit slow going but the final was well worth the read. 

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and check out what the others have to share this week.


  1. Love your likes. That house quilt us on my bucket list too. So cool and scrappy

  2. That cat pattern quilt is really cute...I am also not a big fan of Halloween, but love Fall colors...hugs, Julierose

  3. ROFL about the skeleton reminding you of Burt Reynolds--you have to make be of a certain age to get it but it made my morning! Your charity quilts look fabulous! Have a great week!

  4. Hi Colette! Lots of great likes today! That cross stitch pattern does look fun - and I get the Burt Reynolds reference. I never actually saw the layout but heard about it. Love your Give Thanks pumpkin and the whole table setting. I'm wondering what kind of quilting machine you have? I love the set up - it doesn't look too hard to advance the quilt forward. How wonderful that your friend can be so involved in helping out for quilting. She'll just have to give it a shot - she'll find it's not all that hard at all! Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. There used to be a very nice restaurant in Phoenix that had the Burt Reynolds picture in the lady's restroom. I was about 20 and was mesmerized by it. Just beautiful. What a great friend you have to help with sorting fabric. Enjoy your day mary

  6. What a fun list! That halloween cross stitch is so fun- just a little cheeky! I'm also more of a fall than halloween decorations person, but this year in my neighborhood (which has many people who go all out for halloween), I saw some skeleton decorations that were accompanied by doggy skeleton decorations! It made me laugh, I love dog themed Christmas decorations, so why not Halloween too! Have a great week!

  7. Great likes this week! It's always fun to read through your posts! That orange quilt caught my eye - it's going to make someone so happy. Beautiful sunrise, too, and I love that ornament! Have a great week, Colette!

  8. Love your post. Oh, I had the magazine.....LOL. Burt sure was a cutie and so funny. Love the pattern too. We only had 2 trick or treaters this year. Kind of in the country with long driveways out here.

  9. Great likes today! It looks like “fall” with all the pretty oranges. I’m looking forward to seeing the Halloween cross stitch done.

  10. What a cute ornament! Wow - it's a lot of quilts! LOL Burt Reynolds. Pretty sky!

  11. Some many "likes" in your post and all of them were enjoyable to read about. Preparing all those fabrics would definitely be more fun with a friend.

  12. There are so many things in your post that I like! I don't know where to start! I love how much you and your friend are getting done. I wish I had a quilt buddy like that! I remember that Burt Reynolds centerfold! Long time ago! Great post, Colette!

  13. I enjoyed your Pointy Things post too as well as all these lovely likes. You are acquiring some wonderful patterns and fabrics. I loved looking at them. Took a look at the winter BOM...just beautiful. And how generous you are,Colette, with all the charity quilting. And Yes, I remember that centerfold...quite the talk at the time!

  14. Can't believe you and your friend prepped 15 quilts one day. That is awesome. You sure get a lot of work done together. That is one great friend to have!

  15. I like that ornament (duh)! Not sure where a Hallmark is around here anymore. Most of them have closed.


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