Tuesday, November 12, 2019

At Last

I am so happy I can finally share this post at last, I feel like I should be singing Etta James.  I want to thank all of my friends for the assist......drum roll.....tada my mother's high fiber birthday cake. I shared a picture of what my mom said she wanted for her birthday on my 77th I Like Post.  I commented that 76 fat quarters could get to be quite expensive. 

My awesome friends came to the rescue.  If I forgot to take a picture of your fat quarters, forgive me please I was so overwhelmed with your generosity.  A HUGE thank you to Dawn of Relaxing Robin, Jacky of JackysQuilts12, JulieRose of Julierosequilts, Rosemary of The Knitting Quilter, and Barbara of Wont-to-be quilter for sending me a bunch of lovely fat quarters.  With what I found on sale, won at fat quarter bingo or culled from my stash I had lots of awesome choices.


Dawn's and she sent me the awesome magnets that I just love.....um I kept those.  They were for me right? 

Jacky's had a great variety.

Rosemary's had some fun fabrics too.

I knew I forgot to take a picture of a bundle.  It was the neat one from Barbara with some patriotic, and Christmas included.  

The pile.

I began by refolding the fat quarters in 1/3 the long ways then 1/2 then 1/3 so I could tuck it in.  I then took  candle and started rolling.  I couldn't figure out a way to make them stay together.  I used the tiny rubber bands you can get pretty cheaply for hair they are about the size of a dime. 

This is what 76 fat quarters look like the box is 12 X 12 x 5 1/2.

Now how to get all of these into a circle?  I started out with a Tupperware bowl.

Yep I ran out of space with about 20 to go.  I then grabbed a cake taker top.

They were still jammed in there, but it worked. 

I had a large rubber band which with some acrobatics which involved feet,  I managed to get it around the bundle, then wrapped with a grosgrain ribbon I had on hand.  I wrapped it in cellophane and packed it back in the large priority box and shipped it to my sister in Oregon.

My mom and sister quilt with a bunch of ladies on Tuesdays and they just happened to be meeting today, so my sister presented it to my mom at their sewing group.

I think she liked it.  I included a note mentioning all of my friends that made her High Fiber Birthday cake possible. (No she did not share pieces of her cake with the other ladies.)

Thank you all so very much for helping me make her gift possible. 


  1. You did an awesome job of making it. So glad we could help. That smile looks like it was worth it.i bet the Tuesday bunch was jealous!

  2. Yes the magnets are for you. Great job putting a smile on moms face.i bet the Tuesday group is jealous.lol

  3. Very nice, looks like a great present :)

  4. Such a great present! I missed the post on needing fat quarters...darn. I definitely have some I could have shared, so if you do this again for someone I'll send you some.

  5. Thanks Rheema ;)) I am so happy that she loved her "cake"; I
    had never heard of that one before=="no baking--just feet pushing" [to make it rise of course] lol hahaha what a visual that is....what we son't do to give our Mamas pleausre, right? ;))) hugs, Julierose

  6. I'm so glad I found this post! I'm so happy to see the wonderful "cake" of fat quarters you made for your mom. It looks like your mom liked it too!!

  7. What a cool present. That high fiber cake should keep your Mom busy for a while. Cold and snowy here in New York, too.

  8. What a very cool idea for your mom's birthday cake.


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