Thursday, November 28, 2019

Vintage Modern

I shared on my Thanksgiving/Thursday I Like Post about the quilts on display at the recent sewing expo that I attended. 

Per the sign Handi Quilter Educators bring vintage quilt tops to life with beautiful, modern, longarm quilting.  Their intent was to honor the original quilt top maker by quilting her quilt top in a way that she could never imagine.  I have enlarged the pictures as much as possible so that you can enjoy the quilting and texture. 

The original quilt I showed was called "Who's Myna?" 
Quilted by Marie Eldredge.  Per the hang tag there was a tag pinned to the quilt top with the name Myna.

The next quilt was called Orange Blossom. It was a mixture of embroidery and arcs.

This quilt was displayed that it was even difficult to get a picture of the hang tag.

I liked this one it was called X's and O's and was quilted by Johnny Barfus.

Stars Coming Out was quilted by Patty Kerns.  I love the shirtings used in the stars that make it appear almost if they are trapunto.

I loved the simplicity of this quilt and the picture doesn't do the colors justice.  The background is almost coral.  The quilt is called Coral Dreams and was quilted by Lana Russel. 

Endless Rainbows by Judy Hays.  Simple pattern, but the quilting just makes it fabulous.

 I love the border treatment. 

Sunflower by Debby Brown

The Spice of Life by Kate Quinn.

Checkered Past by Denise Dowdrick. I don't know if you can tell, but the binding is plaid!

Square in a Square by Mary Yoder.

Tripping Geese by Kim Sandberg.  I love the blues in this quilt!

Matchmaker by Amy Van Gurp. 

New Growth by Julie Elliot.

Diamonds and Bows by Pat Alderman

  There were a few modern quilts too that were shown at QuiltCon

Infinite Magnification by Christine Perrigo

Four Triangles Ombre by Malka Dubrawsky

Separated by Valerie Lubaerecki

This is actually all pieced and some of those pieces are about 1/4 of an inch.

I will admit that I have recently purchased a couple of unfinished vintage quilt tops inexpensively to work on my quilting. 


  1. Just read your wonderful I like post and enjoyed it very much. THe barn kitties are cute and your fancy red coffee machine is neat. One of my daughters has red appliances in her kitchen. I love pink poinsettias. And what a treat to see these amazing quilts with the out of the world quilting up close. Thanks so much for sharing these photos.

  2. I used to go to the Sewing and Quilting Expo's around here (mainly to work the Quilts of Valor booth).

  3. The quilt are beautiful, but the quilting is incredible!

  4. outstanding quilting.. I like the black and white blossoms one best

  5. Awesome quilt show! Thanks for sharing!

  6. The quilting is amazing on these vintage quilts. It's beautiful and really brings the quilt to life. I love them all!


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