Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving and I Like Post #85

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to my 85th I Like Post.  A huge thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find something that we like, or love during the week and to share it to uplift, encourage, or bring a smile to someone else.

I like the barn kittens.   A lady that purchases eggs from me had 2 kittens that someone abandoned at her home.  Since she already has quite the menagerie her hubby said absolutely no more animals they must go.  She knew we had been looking for some barn cats to help with our rodent problem. I am thankful for youtube because there were some helpful videos about acclimating barn cats/kittens.  These two little darlings live strictly in the barn, they do not get to go outside yet, they are learning this is our home, where food, water, love is.

This is the  boy.  I love them they are definitely autumn colors.  He is a lover, wants to have hugs, nose bumps and ear scritches every time I go out.
This is the girl she has more white around her eyes, she is  lot smaller than the boy.  She is coming around to be petted more.  They like to have a rousing game of hide and seek with Bobbin when I go out to feed, water and clean their litter box.  No, I have not named them I just call them The Kittens.  Now the grand kids call them Boy and Girl after characters in the movie Bird Box.

Last Thursday I was getting ready for my day of guild charity sew day.  I got up, put on my coffee maker.  Nothing happened.  I could hear the  heater click on and off, but it would not brew.

My new red coffee maker.  No I don't do K cups.

I like poinsettias and I love some of the designer colors I have been seeing.  This one looks pink but it was much closer to peach.

 This one was a bright fuchsia pink color. 

I like antique quilts and when I attended the sewing expo they had a display called Vintage Made Modern.  Handi Quilter Educators took vintage quilt tops and quilted them in a more modern manner.

I had seen a similar display at AQS in Grand Rapids a couple of years go.  I have been fortunate enough to find a couple lately.

Some of the blocks were hand stitched and some were machine stitched.

While at the Sewing Expo I saw a kit for a scarf using rayon batiks and a chenille cutter.  The fabric I choose was a wee bit wild.

But I think it turned out very pretty.

I need to trim the fringe a little.
I finally finished my Chi-Chi Chihuahua pillow and of course my super model had to be in the photo too.

Don't you love when you finish something?

Standing at the deli in the grocery store I saw this sign.

I know once upon a time when it was just Samantha and I we did this for a holiday or two.  I think way back then it was $25.

For all my pumpkin spice friends I saw this sign and smiled.

I like Fat Quarter Bingo.  I am getting pretty gregarious.  I go places by myself without knowing anyone. I won these fat quarters recently.

I know that the cutting mats say self healing, but I am a bit skeptical.  I had one that Jeff had bought me and I was starting to have problems cutting on it.  I saw a kit online with a new one and a rotary cutter.  In blue!

Amazingly even with the old rotary cutter I don't have the problems cutting anymore.  I think it was the mat.

Finally my book of the week Trouble the Water.  An English girl who's family has fallen on hard times is sent to live with a family friend in Charleston.  Douglas Elling the family friend a wealthy merchant and secret abolitionist treats Abigail with disinterest arranging for a governess.  There are some very dark subjects in this book so may not be a good read for everyone.

Now head over to LeeAnna's to see the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. A ton of likes! The kittens are cute. Love your red coffee maker. That quilt-show quilt is amazing!

  2. What a fun post-so many different topics! That oil sign is perfect. Pretty coffee pot, your scarf turned out pretty and will go with many outfits. I noticed the new poinsettia colors too-amazing.

  3. Taking a break from cooking and this post just filled me with joy! Love the scarf and the pillow and all the many joys you find in the world. Grateful for your sunny outlook today Collette! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Colette! I love your little barn cats! There's everything on YouTube, isn't there? I never would have thought to look at videos about acclimating them, but you were so smart to do that. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! Love the name of your new kitties! I don't do K cups either. Your scarf is gorgeous!!

  6. I'm not sure my car cares about Pumpkin Spice oil ;) Nice pillow finish. Happy Thanksgiving! I like the scarf.

  7. I like so many things in your post this week! I love the barn kitties. I love having cats around. I have a Keurig but I'm not crazy about K cups. Not the best coffee but quick! Your scarf is beautiful. I've made a couple using rayon batik but no cutting. They make great gifts.

  8. What a delightful post for Thanksgiving Day. I've finally got the kitchen cleaned up. I love a traditional turkey dinner, but oh, what a lot of work. Love both your kittens and the scarf. I have a very similar design in batik. I prefer real brewed coffee, too. K cups are expensive, wasteful and not all that good. Have a good weekend. December is almost here.

  9. Hi Colette! Love The Kittens!! They look so sweet and Ms. Kitten has such striking eyes. Women would pay big money for that wonderful highlighting around the eyes like she has. Ahh, sweet Bobbin is a fabulous model! I would LOVE to watch the rousing game of tag that ensues in the barn. Your new coffee maker looks quite striking - I adore red. I don't do k-cups either at home - I grind my beans - oh, that smell sends me to the moon. Unfortunately, at work they only have k-cups. I get around that by filling my own with a plastic-shaped k-cup that takes a small filter and any flavor coffee I choose. Plus, I put the coffee/filter in the compost pile. I hope you are having a fabulously Happy Thanksgiving. ~smile~ Roseanne

  10. let's just start with those absolutely adorable kittens. I wish I could pet them. bobbin is as always the best little dog ever. blue mat and cutter,,, very nice to see every day. winning fabric! good books! Pink poinsettias... pumpkin spice oil lol! so fun!

    1. Oh and I don't do kcups either and my maker is red too!!


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