Wednesday, November 20, 2019

I Like #84

Welcome to my 84th installment of I Like Thursday.  Thank you to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find something that we like/love during the week. 

Do you find that your days are speeding by?  I know mine seem to be packed am full of things to do.

 I am thankful for my friend Kathy that pushes me to get out and about occasionally.  Last Friday we went up to the Sewing and Quilting Expo.  There were the normal vendors for sewing machines and quilting machines, a few fabric shops, if you have ever been to a big show you know the usual suspects.  At the back of the show though there was a military quilt exhibit.

I love old quilts and the military quilt exhibit was fascinating.  I will leave a taste and promise to do a post soon.

I loved this red cross signature quilt.

Isn't the quilt amazing?

I am thankful for days above freezing.  I bought an extra waterer for the chickens and have one ready to carry out to them if necessary if the one outside is frozen.

I thought it was amusing but lately Lucy has been a bit more what I would call cat like, inquisitive, into things, instead of just laying around, and demanding food.  I wonder if she can smell the kitten scent on me?  I have 2 kittens which are being raised as barn cats.  Right now they are acclimating to me, feeding, watering and barn living so they are locked in the barn or a kennel in the barn. Man those two can get into a load of trouble in just a couple of hours in the barn.  No pics of the kittens yet, but they are a handful.
Anyway I was surprised to see Lucy sitting by my sewing machine when I got up to do something, I came back and she was sitting and staring at me.

I love where I live and the birds.  The hawk is back.  He is gorgeous, and pretty much ignores me while I am outside doing chores.  I keep an eye on him because they are know to take small dogs. 

He is pretty fearless of me.  I was watching him, and he was watching me, and took off.  Landing in a tree nearer to where I was standing.

I wanted to share the stack of 10 inch squares my girlfriend and I cut from the guild fabric. 

Hopefully we can make up oodles of kits at the charity sew day. 

I like to read about interesting places and facts, and Atlas Obscura is one of my favorites.  I saw one recently for a small cafe called Traveler Food and Books.  Patrons are encouraged to choose a book to take with them.  You can read more about it here at Traveler Food and Books.

Finally I had 2 books that I really enjoyed this week.

All Fudged up by Nancy Coco. 

Allie McMurphy's goal in life was to work with her grandfather at the McMurphy Hotel on Mackinac Island.  Allie's grandfather has passed and she is in the middle of restoring the hotel when strange things start to occur, including finding a body in a linen closet.  Allie is fighting an uphill battle being called a "Fudgey"  the islander's name for someone who is a tourist, fighting the historical society and the majority of the purple ribbon wearing native islanders--really who would have thought there were still family feuds between her grandfather and the owner of the livery stable?  A fun read which made me laugh out loud more than a few times.  I love books based in Michigan.  Makes me want to visit Mackinac Island. 

The 2nd book by Kathi Daley called Boxes in the Basement.

Abbi Sullivan is a writer and after suffering  the devastating loss of her husband and infant son in a car accident moves from California to a small northern Maine town.  Adopted by a big cat, and a drifter with a giant dog, she ends up with a family she really wasn't expecting.  A local girl has gone missing and Abbi discovers boxes in her basement that have memories of that girl, and two others that have since gone missing or died mysteriously.  I enjoyed this book, but it isn't light hearted like the other.

Now head over to LeeAnna's (you can find the link up in the first paragraph at Not Afraid of Color, and see what other people have to like/love this week. 


  1. Good morning!!! I love that Red Cross Quilt! Often we see the names embroidered in red, so refreshing to see it in embroidered with blue thread! It's lovely!!! Good idea to keep an eye on that hawk. My one friend said she can see the shadow of the hawk circling above her when she is walking her little dog. So be careful! Have a great week!

  2. I love that photo of Lucy staring at you. Guess she's either daring you to try to sew or she's hoping you'll sit down to sew. Either way, she's looking beautiful and mysterious. We have hawks and eagles flying over all the time. My dogs are a bit heavy for them but it is still scary. They'd probably bring them back anyway because they are such yappers. Beautiful quilt at that show! Thanks for sharing, sweet lady!

  3. Hi Colette! That QOV is SO cool. I would love to read all the names and just enjoy the whole piece. Does it have a date on it? I see sweet little Bobbin! I'm glad you keep an eye on that hawk - I sure wouldn't want Bobbin to be a victim. That is one HUGE stack of 10" blocks. WOWEE! That is so nice of your friend (and you, too!). I can't wait to see what those become. Thanks for the two book suggestions. I'm going to see if my library has them - Sue's Mom reads books like crazy so I always need to find new authors for her. ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. oooo that hawk... watching, waiting. Yikes!
    Two kittens, yes they work together to get into mischief. Your gray cat is so pretty. What a stack of squares!!! I get lots of good book recommendations from you, thanks for these two. They sound just like some I'd like. I wanted to visit Mackanac Island too. No cars right?

  5. Wow- that hawk is getting close to you! Lucy's trying to figure out who you're "seeing" on the side. LOL

  6. thanks so much for the book recommendations--I've been reading a lot lately and will give these a try...that Hawk is a beauty...we often see our red-tailed hawk around 4-5 pm settling in our old appletree in our back gorgeous...hugs, Julierose

  7. The Red Cross quilt is just amazing - so many signatures! We love when the hawk is in our yard, but the little birds not so much. :) Fortunately, we din't have a small dog to worry about. You did a great job cutting all of the squares! I bet you'll get a lot of sewing done with them at your guild day.

  8. \Love that chickadee pattern you showed in a post before. I think it was for wool. Anyway, it seems you have a pet hawk but I would watch out for Bobbin. I know we were told the barred owl would have sized up our dogs and knows they are too big. You continue to find good deals on fabrics and I would love to see you do Bonnie's Frolic this year. Happy Cutting, Stitching, Chicken watching, etc.

  9. Great likes. Barn cats aw so sweet. Bobbin may smell them for sure. Lucy looks so sweet waiting to help you Dunks is snuggled on my leg. So cute. That cross quilt is awesome.thanks for sharing. The hawk is definitely hearing the kittens and checking to see if an easy meal can be had at your restaurant i mean place. Keep Bobbin safe. Hawks are pretty quick.

  10. I really enjoyed your review of the books, I haven't read in a few weeks which is unlike me. I will keep these in mind.


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