Wednesday, October 14, 2020

I Like Thursday #130

 Welcome to my 130th installment of I like Thursday.  

I Like these personalized items I saw recently.  I played with them to create what I may want.

Not a great picture but a mock up of a coffee cup.  You can choose the saying on it.

Mock up of the blanket.  I like the darker Bobbin she is between the two colors. 

I worked outside a lot this week, trying to get the pool set up to close.  Only to have a storm come through and have to start back at square one.  The kids and I finally finished today, and got the cover on it.  While outside I spied this interesting plant.

It is called Bittersweet.  Have I mentioned how much I love the app Picture This for plant identification?  I did purchase it but after all the different ones I have tried it is by far the best and worht the money in my honest opinion. 

I wish I had more time to sew, but with work, and outside stuff it is tough.  So to explain how lazy I am.  I had someone ask me to fix their face masks, they were too tight.  So I took one apart that they had tried to fix and tried to sew it on my machine, which meant I had to use black thread.  Well it didn't go well with the machine, and I actually did better hand sewing the masks for the person.  My machine was still threaded with black so what is a lazy girl to do?  Well finish up a UFO. I grabbed the Amish with a Twist and finished the final block which I shared last week on my I like Thursday post.  The quilt has several different setting blocks.  I have finished 3 so far, but what slowed me down is I can't work on it when I am tired.  Imagine doing a braid.

The next step is to trim it down making sure it lines up correctly.  Matching up the 45 degree angle, on the 2  3/4 mark.  Well you get the picture.  A disaster in the making if I was doing it when I was tired. 

I decided to wait until I had a day off for this step so I was nice and rested.  

I am now working on finishing blocks part 4.  All cut out and I have started sewing it. 

My fun discovery at work this week was this awesome dog shopping bag.  Look at all those sweet faces.  

My book pick for the week is the 3rd installment of the Bought the Farm mysteries by Ellen Riggs.  This one is called AStreak of Bad Cluck.  

Ivy is finally settling in on Runaway Farm, and even has a tentative truce with her pesky neighbor Edna.  Ivy is going to host Edna's bridge biddies weekend, talk about the original mean girls in octogenarian form!  Edna decides to not stay the night after being on the receiving end of their barbed remarks, and the next morning Ivy discovers Edna, dead in the swamp down the road.  

 Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I like Thursday posts.   Let's keep putting good vibes out there in the universe. 


  1. Hi Colette! Oh that personalization picture is pretty darn cool. Bobbin and you look so relaxed on the pier. Oh geez, how annoying about the storm coming through when you were almost finished closing up the pool. That sounds about like my luck. I am kind of the same way when I have black thread in my machine. It's not THAT difficult to switch out the thread but I look around to see what needs to be sewn using black before I switch it out. {{Hugs}} and Happy Thursday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. That’s quite an interesting book. So sorry the storm messed the yard all up again. What a very cool coffee cup that would make. Have a fun Thursday.

  3. Glad you are getting outdoor chores done! We still have a few..and big wind is expected, so we will have branches and leaves to clean up! Thanks for sharing your new cozy mystery! It’s a favorite genre of mine too!

  4. I've never seen that plant. We had 84 MPH winds this week!!! (good thing there's no climate change) your amish like colors are Brilliant!!!

  5. suppose to get cooler here after tonight. Guess Our sitting out side and drinking coffee in the mornings are coming to a end

  6. That’s a shame when all your hard work gets destroyed. I love that block!

  7. Looks like fun to be able to personalize a coffee mug or blanket like that! The plant app sounds helpful. Often when we are up hiking, I see plants I'd like to identify. Glad you got your pool closed up and had help from the kids, too. We've been doing leaf clean-up in our yard, and it seems like as soon as we've gotten one load picked up, we turn around and that many more leaves have already fallen again!

  8. Pretty quilt block and a funny sounding book!

  9. That mug is pretty cool. I love the colors of the braid!

  10. Glad you were able to finally close up the pool, but annoying that you had to do the work twice. I got the geraniums and other tender plants inside today. Cold front came through mid-afternoon and we may have frost Friday night. I still have to dig the dahlias, but can't do that until the tops are killed in a freeze. Then I'll finally have no excuse not to quilt.

  11. That is a really cool block and so colourful and no, I could not work on either when tired. We finally got our pool all closed up after about a week off and on and we're retired!I had to keep skimming out leaves in between! That sounds like an app I could use. Thanks for mentioning it. Love that shopping bag! Another great post Colette.

  12. I love your braid block. That's going to be a gorgeous quilt! I rarely sew the days I work. I'm just too tired and I end up screwing up. Love the blanket and mug!


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