Wednesday, October 21, 2020

I Like Thursday #131

 I know many people feel like time is dragging with quarantining, but for me the days seem to speed by.  Once again it is time to find things to share this week that bring smiles, joy, happiness.  Thanks to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find and share each week. 

Fall has been slowly sneaking into the region.  The cottonwood leaves are huge, as big as my size 10 foot!

I like how coneflowers look after they are bloomed out.  

I have some mums, and zinnias I bought at the farm stand.

My petunias are still blooming too.  

We have been watching the turkey buzzards heading south.  The other day there were sets heading south, 5 separate groups in about 1/2 a mile.  Since we were outside they would swirl down to check us out.  It is amazing how some animals just know.  Girl cat slunk along the building walls, and fences, the roosters herded the girls into the chicken house and covered yard.

The downside is the leaf incursion into the mudroom.

I forgot to share the Ring doorbell I installed about a month ago.  If you pay $3 a month they will record the videos and store them, but you still get notified if something moves within the area set up to monitor, and you can pull up the images on your phone.  If someone pushes the doorbell, you can see and talk to them.  

 I had one day off last week, and two this week, they are hardly ever together when I have days off though.  

I did manage to get some sewing in though. 

Amish with Twist.  I am not too sure I like the corner blocks so far.  I was to use 6 fabrics and there just doesn't seem to be much difference.  Next will be a bunch of 16 patch blocks.  

I chose borders for the Beary Bewitching.  I chose the one on the right it reminds me of snakeskin.  

I participated in a batik strip swap and got some awesome fabrics.  We swapped 20 fabrics each, and they only had to be 2 1/2 X 20 so you could use a fat quarter even.  

I also finished up a couple of charity quilts for church.  I love whip-stitching the opening closed. 

I had to have some Halloween Peanut M & M's.  They are called ghoul colors.

Work has been tough.  I have had a lot of days that I am the only one working.  Unfortunately customers don't know or care if the product they want isn't baked, or on the floor.  I feel like this many days after leaving work. 

The holidays are on their way and I have the product to prove it.  

I have 3 pallets of pumpkin pies stored in the big freezer.  I had received 20 cases of Caramel Apple Pies the other day, I didn't have anywhere to put 20 Caramel Apple Pies in my freezer without some creative stacking.

My book pick for the week is Coyote Alibi by Jena and Dennis Burges.  Naomi Manymules is looking for a job, after a couple of terms at the local community college she has a little training as a paralegal, but then the courses had been discontinued.  Grant Carson is a new resident of Sage Landing, and has quite the reputation with the ladies.  Naomi hears that he needs some help with his law practice and approaches him looking for work even with her limited paralegal education.  Throw in the murder of the local sleaze bag, his wife being blamed, and many colorful residents and it was a fun read.  I look forward to more Naomi Manymules paralegal adventures.  

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  1. I love coming to your place. It's amazing to see the size of the store freezer! We're expecting snow in a few days and had to have the sprinklers drained yesterday. Caramel pie... now that sounds really good. The book seems like my kind of story. Your Amish quilt is DYNAMIC and hard to believe just a few colors, I think it's outstanding the way it is and keep going!

  2. Colette, your Amish with a Twist is gorgeous! My jaw truly dropped when I came across that picture. Wow! We, too, have leaves everywhere in the house - I need to do some sweeping up today! I'm sorry work is stressful - if only customers treated workers like they would like to be treated if they were in the same position! Hope today is a good day!

  3. I do believe you are the busiest person I know! How in the world do you find time to make the charity quilts too? I love the bath scene after a long day. That’s some serious lifting at work. Now I want pumpkin pie. That Amish quilt is just stunning. Hang in there girl. We appreciate you!

  4. I know the holiday time is extra tough on retail! Our ex-SIL was always bah humbug during this time. Carmel Apple pie is a favorite of mine! But oh so many points on WW. So I’ll see if I can just find one piece, instead of a whole pie! LOL!
    Take care of yourself!

  5. Hi Colette, it must be hard to be working when I know not all customers are as civil and kind as they should be. I worked in the campus library during university and I couldn't believe how difficult some people were and that was at a library! Anyway, that is one neat doorbell. We could use it as we can't see who is at our door which kind of bothers me. Love your Amish with a twist...aren't those colours vibrant against the black. And your witch is as it should be...bewitching. LOL

  6. Hi Colette! I'm sorry that work is getting rough, and with the holidays approaching it probably is going to get rougher. Wow, that's a LOT of pies to store!! Holy moly. I will probably be won of your customers, picking up a pie the week of Thanksgiving. If we even get to celebrate together this year. We will definitely make a small turkey just for us. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Your post made me laugh (well the bathtub scene). Love the quilt you are working on. I too feel like time whizzes by. I could stay in my home for weeks without going out and be happy.

  8. Amish with a twist looks great. I love the Halloween colored M&Ms. Wow, that's a lot of pies!! I hope your work becomes less stressful.

  9. Lots of likes. Do you think i can get a feeezer stocked with pies like that?
    Work is crazy here too. People are not as nice as they could be. Everyone has an opinion and you need to conform to it. Nuts!

  10. Your Amish with a Twist is gorgeous. I hope you get more help for the bakery before the holidays. I read this week that the turkey producers were worried that they had too many large turkeys in their inventory because there would be fewer big family dinners. But if there are more small gatherings, you'll probably sell all those pies. So stock up on those M&Ms, the wine and those scented candles. You'll be needing them.

  11. We have hawks that will actually come sit on top of my chicken run (has a net) or in the tree nearby, etc. They're so bad this time of year, I don't let my chickens out till early eve, or at all if I see one out that late in the day. Frustrating. I think the rooster will herd them well and they tend to stay under shrubs, etc but I've lost plenty to hawks before and these are an all new batch of chickens (that should be laying any day now! )

  12. Love Amish with a Twist. Such gorgeous colors! The leaves are starting to fall here too. There are times where I'm very quiet at work. There are too many opinions and it's hard to deal with.

  13. Your Amish Twist is beautiful! Good to know the rooster keeps the girls safe from those vultures. I never understand how businesses think it is effective to have workers be alone in their store or department. Do they not realize people have to go to the bathroom! Looks like a load of pies that I'm sure will disappear quickly.

  14. I love the Amish twist and the fall colors of Beary Bewitching. I miss the Fall festivals when I usually buy myself something handmade. Hope you have a good week! It's busy I know and I sure appreciate everyone that works making it better for the older me! Hugs!

  15. The Amish with a Twist is looking wonderful! Hopefully Meijer will hire some help for your department.


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