Wednesday, October 28, 2020

I Like Thursday #132

 Seriously it is Thursday again?  Thanks for stopping by, and a huge thanks to LeeAnna of Not Afraid of Color for encouraging us to find things we like/love each week and share with others.  

 I don't decorate for holidays much anymore.  I really should, I used to love holidays.  This year I decided to drag out the little wall hanging I made years ago and the table runner.  

The table runner was made in 2012, which is a lot more recent than the wall hanging.  

Block 1 the fabrics were a Riley Blake line. 
Block 2 more of the same.
Block 3 I think is my favorite.  See that purple/orange mix?  It wasn't a batik, it was a cotton, but I just loved the colors. 
The whole runner.
I even quilted a nifty spiderweb in it. 

Of course if I have my table runner out I need to create a vignette with it.

I guess more fall than Halloween.  I love pumpkins!

Wandering through the store the other day I spied this little guy.

I can't tell, is it a dog, or a cat?  But it was just too sweet. 

The other day I thought there was a leaf stuck to my window screen.  Upon closer inspection it is a praying mantis.

A dead praying mantis, stuck to my window screen.  My biggest challenge is that my windows for the 1st story are a good 10 feet off the ground, so a ladder will be needed to flick it off.

I try to keep the freezer at work organized.  Monday I was moving a lot of boxes and trying to keep them stacked in such a way that it is easy to find the product you needed, keep like products together, and condense down boxes.  Common sense to me, if you take 1/2 a box of one bread, and 1/2 a box of another bread, why not combine the two partial boxes, mark what is in them and get rid of the box?   At work I wear a hair net and a trucker type cap, well soon my poor ear started hurting.  I think I started to get a wee bit of frost bite on my ear, to the point where it was burning and is still hurting 3 days later.  I decided I needed a pair of ear muffs that wrap around the back of my head.  I got to giggling this is what they were carrying at the store.

You can't really tell, but these are huge!  There was black, red, white, and some with a beaded looking headband.  They looked like you had a full size rabbit stuck to your head. Nothing that would suit my needs.  

I had to share a picture of girl cat, she is so colorful, definitely an autumn girl.  She was rolling around in a pile of leaves on the porch.

My books I have read for the week are:

A Litter of Bones by J.D. Kirk.  DCI Jack Logan solved a major crime, a serial child killer, that they dubbed Mister Whisper.  With the person caught and in prison, but still some victims missing DCI Logan visits the  Mister Whisper often.  A child abduction in the highlands of Scotland ten years later has all the earmarks of Mister Whisper, but how can that be? DCI Logan is sent to help with the case which is too eerily similar, and with some things coming out that were never disclosed to the public.  How can that be when Mister Whisper is behind bars, DCI Logan questions, that perhaps he has the wrong man, or is there a copy cat out there?  I will warn you the book is very dark, but it was a good story.  

My next book a wee bit lighter is The Ghost Rock Cafe by Chinle Miller.  Sheriff Bud Shumway is sent to the Swell to investigate the death of an old hermit.  Some day he was killed by a mountain lion, some day a bigfoot, but Bud thinks it was murder.  

Finally my light read for the week is Candy Coated Murder.  Mia Jordan has moved home to Pumpkin Hollow after being in college for 10 years, she just can't decided what she wants to do with her life.  Coming back to her hometown to work in the family candy store wasn't what she was expecting.  But a group is trying to do away with the Halloween Season, see Pumpkin Hollow is a tourist town centered around a Halloween theme, 365 days of the year.  When the most hated person in town, who just happens to be Mia's neighbor is killed, Mia feels it is her duty to solve the murder to try to keep the tourists coming.  

Finally, with all of the political stuff going on, I am sure your head is spinning at times.  If you have Facebook you should follow Heather Cox Richardson, she is a historian/teacher and explains what is going on currently very succinctly.  Do you know what an "Originalist" is when it comes to the recent Supreme Court appointee?  Do you know what socialism is?  Words that are thrown around quite a bit as of late.  Heather Cox Richardson daily does a write up of what has occurred during the day, citing precedents, laws, history.  

Now head over too LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color to check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Great likes! I love seeing your kitty outside in the leaves! You have a lot of nice quilts and decor for the autumn. I love your kitty wall hanging! Have a safe and happy week!

  2. Oh no! Be careful with your ears and fingers in the freezer! Our kitty used to love rolling on the patio! I thought because it was warm. Maybe girl cat was soaking up the sum on your porch or maybe she just liked the crunch of the leaves! I know I like the crunchy leaves,

  3. amen to the political statement. I have wanted to get a Tshirt with the definition of socialism on it for the people around here throwing that word around incorrectly. Girl cat... I love her. That little thing is a bobbin dog! those ear muffs are right up my alley!
    your table runner is great! And yes, it's Thursday so soon!

  4. I love your quilty Halloween things - glad you got them out this year! I have a pair of Gorgonz earmuffs that are exactly what I think you're looking for - I got them when I was teaching for those cold recess duty days. Thanks for the Facebook page recommendation- I'll go check her out!

  5. The book recommendations (especially the light ones) look fun! And I love your pretty kitty! I'm so sorry about your ears- that sounds really awful. I never have been able to find earmuffs that don't hurt my head, and full ear covering hats usually make my head hot, so I've gone to knitted or fleece ear covering headbands to keep my ears warm in cold weather. I'm not sure if that would work for you, but might be worth a try since the earmuff selection wasn't very appetizing!!

  6. Hi Colette! I love all the history behind the politics - I will check out that FB page. I can hardly wait to hear about when there is a question about the numbers because there definitely will be. I hope we don't make history by having to go down that path. Girl cat is just so sweet. Enjoy those leaves, sweet girl. I can picture those muffs! HAHA! What you're doing only makes sense to me, too. They don't know what a valuable employee they have. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. love the black cats on your quilt, You have been quilting longer than I have , just started on my 70th birthday

  8. The wall hanging is cute. I especially like the web you quilted on the table runner. Those earmuffs are seriously wuzzy! lol Happy kitty! :-)

  9. Love your webby quilting! And I have a set of those bible journals too...been enjoying them all year. I won't say anything about politics but was happy to early vote in our area Tuesday. Been pleasantly surprised at the turnout - much better than normal in our area and the line moved quite quickly.

  10. A lot of Halloween goodness, the runner is just perfect. I try to remember you on Thursdays and was excited that I remembered.

  11. I love your quilting and the Fall fabric and colors of the runner. And these books look interesting! I'll see if my library has them! Enjoy your week!

  12. One of my facebook friends who lives in Chicago passes on Heather's pieces. Interesting always. I saw some folks interviewed and it was embarrassing how they were negative about socialism but didn't know what it really entailed. Your runner is sweet and I noted your spider web as I am hand quilting spider webs these days. I hate that you have to get so cold using that freezer. Wear gloves and do wrap yourself as I have a sensitivity to cold and know how uncomfortable it is.

  13. I don't have a lot of Halloween/fall decor so it doesn't take me long to decorate this time of year. Not that anyone sees it. Be careful how much time you are spending in the freezer. Even with protection for your hands and ears, you don't want to overexpose to the cold.
    We can only hope that the election madness will actually be over next week. At least the commercials will be gone.

  14. I think those ear muffs would be quite the sight in the freezer. Beware of loose dogs that might think it’s a loose rabbit.

    Your Halloween quilts look so nice. I have some of that striped of my favorites.

  15. I really love your Halloween quilts. They're gorgeous. I hope you didn't get frost bite. That's way above and beyond what you should do at work! Your cat is so pretty! The books look good!

  16. Love the quilted spiderweb and all the Halloween blocks/fabrics! Beautiful cat!

  17. I didn't see one praying mantis this year, which makes me sad and worried. I'm like you, love fall and pumpkins, Halloween, meh. Love those older little quilts though! 'rabbit stuck to your head' LOL! And thanks for the FB reference though I only go on there because of Island Batik ambassadors, hate it. However I may check this out, and/or tell my husband. 'socialism' socialist those words get pandied about in a most negative way, and often directed at Canada... Supreme Court judge...very scary so very wrong stuff going on there. And yep, there are scary, very wrong things going on here too sad to say. Hope we snuff it all out asap.


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