Wednesday, November 4, 2020

I Like Thursday #133

 Welcome to my 133rd I Like Thursday post.  Thank you LeeAnna for encouraging us to find things we like during this crazy time in our world.  

I like prepping for future projects.  There are a couple of Halloween ones I would like to do so I have been buying some things for the embellishments.  

Some fun purple stars.

Candy Corn buttons.

The Beary BeWitching embellishment kit, there is  teeny tiny black cat sequins in there that is amazing. Someday I will sit down and quilt/sew the applique down. 

Bobbin has had an ear infection for over a month, which means a visit to the vet every two weeks.  With COVID I have to wait in the car.  Great time to work on binding while waiting.

I finally finished the binding on this piece.  Still working on the hanging sleeve though.

I like that I have many different options for skin repair.  Lately we have been having problems sourcing gloves at work, so they purchased some from a local company.  They have a powder in them and soon my hands were cracked and bleeding, not across the finger tips, or knuckles, but from my wrist up to my knuckles all the way across.  The powder would get into the fine lines in your hands, that even after washing, I couldn't get a band aid to stick.  My new boss looked at my hands and somewhere found some gloves and the next day brought me my own personal box to tide me over until the newer shipment came in.  

I have used the Aveeno Cracked Skin Relief CICA Balm, it is nice, and soothing, but it is very greasy so I felt like I was sitting for hours waiting for it to soak in.  I also bought some O'Keefe's Working Hands.  It too is very soothing and not quite as greasy.  

I like that on my day off I finished all the blocks for my Amish With a Twist.  

Sewing the rows together as you can see there are a lot of intersection seams to match.  So far I have the top two rows sewn together.  

Since you can only pin and match for so long, I grabbed another UFO, something that was black of course because I have black thread in my machine.  *Giggle*

My pineapple quilt.  This was a kit from Shabby Fabrics, I actually went to a Pineapple party at a local quilt shop and we all worked on pineapple quilts.  The fabrics are all Kaffe Fassett, one major problem though.  The instructions were to cut my fabric into 1 3/4 strips.  Which I did, but further down the instructions there is a note to cut four 2 1/2 x 4 inch strips.  Um I don't  have any fabric to do that.  Second problem watching the video for Shabby Fabrics there is a comment that there is plenty of fabric to fussy cut, so you can pull out the colors you want for that block.  Nope not true! 

Looking at this block, I ran out of fabric on the 3rd round and have 3 more rounds to go.  Kaffe Fassett fabrics used to be carried by Free Spirit, but it was purchased by Jaftex, so the fabrics may have changed a wee bit.  I did manage to find this one online so here is hoping I can finish this block.  

This block I think I can cheat to get the final corners on.  

I was excited to change out my Halloween Wall hanging for this sweet pumpkin wall hanging.  

My book picks for the week are A Distant Echo by Val McDermind.  A Barmaid is murdered, and a group of college boys have stumbled upon her body.  Even though they are never proven guilty, they live with the suspicion that they killed her.  Years later the men begin to die, in mysterious accidents one by one.  

My second book was One for the Books by Jenn McKinlay.  Briar Creek librarian Lindsay Norris and Mike (Sully) Sullivan are finally getting married.  But a number of things begin to go wrong.  Lindsay left the wrong list with the stationary shop, so unwittingly her small intimate wedding has grown by at least 3times.  Add to it the murder of the local justice of the peace who was supposed to officiate at their wedding  

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  1. Hi Rheema, horrible situation with your hands, I have found a good non greasy hand cream, its from bayer, called Bepanthen nourishing cream, and it feels great. This brand also had a greasy balm that heals the cracks in your skin overnight (use gloves or a bandage) called protecting ointment. It’s like magic.

  2. I've never trusted kits to have enough fabric. I've been slighted the few times I've used kits. Cute finish! Sorry about your hands. Hope they heal quickly.

  3. I'm glad you found ways to heal your hands, Colette! That can be so painful. Love seeing snippets of all of your quilting projects, too! That Amish with a Twist is so beautiful!

  4. Love the projects you are working on. I use okeefes working hands on mine. Its anazing how cracked they can get.

  5. Hi Colette! Aww, poor Bobbin. I hope her ears are healing up now. I love the buttons you've been collecting. I can highly recommend the Working Hands. I use it often - my skin has been so dry since having to wash my hands so frequently. I totally do the same thing - black thread in the machine, I only sew things needing black thread. I just ADORE your pineapple blocks. I'm not a huge Kaffe fan but the black with the prints are fab. Ooh, I've been reading the Jenn McKinley books - I've got this one on hold at the library. I hope you're taking care. {{Hugs}} ~smile~ Roseanne

  6. I like the candy corn buttons. And that beater quilt is entertaining. Love the colors in your pineapple quilt! Ear infections are no fun - hope Bobbin feels better.

  7. Hope you can find some relief for your hands soon. You need to be careful because cracked skin can allow bacterial infections to invade. I have a constant problem with dry skin during the winter. Also hope Bobbin's ear infection is responding to treatment. So hard when our pets have problems since they can't tell us what's wrong. I did a pineapple block quilt a few years ago and struggled to keep the blocks the right size. I love the way they look, but not sure I would do another one. Take care and rest up for the Thanksgiving onslaught.

  8. I’ll bet your hands are really sore too. I’ve always used that Udder Cream. I hope they get the new gloves back in stock quickly. Poor Bobbin. I hope he’s not too uncomfortable with it. Love the pineapple blocks and the Amish Twist.

  9. A lovely post, Colette. I'm sorry about your hands dear. I too have sensitive skin and my search for the ideal cream...not too greasy, etc. is eternal it seems. I think I've tried them all at this stage. So happy they found a glove that can work for you. Amish with a Twist is a beauty. And those pineapple blocks look so intricate. You sure spend your free time productively. Hope Bobbin improves.

  10. about the ears... we have trouble too. Allergy. Milo found some relief with the daily pill apoquel. My previous poodle ended up with food allergies that caused bad ears, so the science diet allergy food cleared it up. DH is now wearing cotton gloves to bed because he was bleeding on the sheets, My hands are bleeding too. Can't find a lotion to truly help but we're trying several. thank you for the book rec.

  11. I love your Halloween embellishments! Plastic gloves can be brutal on your hands. I've seen the powder inside some of the gloves. It looks so drying. Love your Pineapple Blocks. The black fabric makes the focus fabric shine!

  12. The Amish quilt looks great and I love the "lick the beater" wallhaning! LOL

  13. Your Amish quilt is beautiful! Anything Halloween makes me the buttons. As for your hands, yuck! I hope the new gloves and balm help you!


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