Friday, November 20, 2020

Snatching a Moment and Vacation Sewing

I have been doing a little sewing here and there when  can snatch a moment or two. I think I am in hibernation mode, even though it hasn't really gotten cold here yet.  I have been making meals, and then freezing part of them.  My freezer is looking pretty good, other than needing a good defrosting.  Hmmm I may need to do that while I am on vacation. 

I have been working on the Amish with a Twist and sewing the rows together.  I am currently working on row 5.  

Here are the first 4 rows sewn together.

I have also been working on my pineapple quilt which had some fabric challenges since it came in a kit. 

I love the name of the fabric Brassica which is a genus of plants in the mustard family, which include cabbage. I  ordered some fabric online, and surprise!  It matched.  So I finished this block.

I had trouble matching this one.  I am not sure if it is called millefiori or paperweight.  

Remember I shared that the instructions tell you to cut your fabric into 1 3/4 inch strips.  But further down it tells you to cut four 2 1/2 X 4 strips to finish the block.  I used the 1 3/4 inch strips but still had a wee bit of space left. 

I kind of pieced it.  If you look at the bottom left corner you can see how I pieced it to make it big enough.  

After those two blocks things progressed rather nicely.

I made this block today.  I have 8 blocks done and am working on block 9.  

Today was my 2nd day of a 6 day vacation before the holiday insanity.  Day one I spent running errands and cleaning house.  Today though was a stay at home day!  YAY!

I pulled weeds, it was a balmy 63 degrees outside.  I have amassed quite the wagon load again.  I still need to bring in my solar lights, wind whirly gigs, lounge chair and pool ladder.  If the weather holds I may be able to reside my chicken house too. 

I started quilting the Saw Tooth Square quilt.  

Amazing my Iphone at times takes better pictures than my Canon camera.  

I finished stitching down all the parts for the chickens.

Now to sandwich it and quilt it.  I now have several things to make pillows. 

I started stitching down the applique on the Cultivate Kindness quilt.  I finished all the motifs that were

the aqua color.  Now I am working on the green ones.  

I had made this pumpkin from a pattern from Quilt Fabrication,  I forgot to share it.  I actually had it folded and it had disappeared under a pile of fabric I was folding to put away.  I enjoyed using some favorite scraps.  It is now hanging with my other pumpkin.  

I finally hung my Good Mom's wall hanging.  

I traced out an embroidery pattern from Crabapple Hill Studio.

I am going to try the tinting with the prisma color pencils.  

Finally today I made a tomato cage Christmas Tree.  I used a  garland that was fake but looked real, and some green and silver garland, and fairy lights, that change colors.  

No laughing, I am exhausted and it is not even 8 pm and I am considering heading to bed.  So much to do and so little free time. 


  1. Loving the pineapple blocks--so gorgeous with the brilliant colors against the black...nice work...
    Rest up hugs from afar, Julierose

  2. I am going to have to check out the full virsion of your "Cultivate Cuteness" quilt. It looks so cute!

    The hen with her babies is adorable as well. It seems you have several projects in progress at this time. I am so much the same.

  3. I LOVE YOUR PROJECTS!! Love the tree, love the chicken applique, love the pineapples and the Amish quilt is fab!!! Thanks for all the inspiration! You are a dynamo these days! Get some rest before the Christmas rush!

  4. There’s so much eye candy here. I LOVE the way the pineapple blocks are turning out. The Amish With a Twist is gorgeous too. I have not seen the pumpkin mini. That is so cool. You are way ahead of me with your cute Christmas trees. Very festive. You deserve an early night.

  5. My gosh, I wish you could come to my house and get me going to accomplish so much in a day off, Colette. I enjoyed your post so much. The black just makes those fabrics glow. Tracing the design is the hardest part of embroidering Meg's designs I when that part is done. And to top it off, getting a Christmas tree made! You are amazing.

  6. I can't wait to see those pineapple blocks together. The chicken looks cute. I'd never know that was tomato cages if you hadn't told me (maybe in the light of day).

  7. Wow! Love it all. The chickens made me smile.

  8. Wow! You’ve been a busy girl! I wish I liked cooking enough to cook enough to freeze ahead! Your pineapple blocks are gorgeous!

  9. I just love your chicken quilt! Your Amish With a Twist is coming along great. I'm so glad to see you making Pineapple Blocks. I love your Kaffe fabric with the black background. It looks so nice. Love your quilting too!

  10. I thought you said you were on vacation. Lol great peojects.that black really pops those colors. Live them all and your tree


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