Wednesday, November 11, 2020

I Like Thursday #134

Welcome to my 134th I Like Thursday post.  Thank you to LeeAnna at Not Afraid of Color for encouraging me and others to find things to like and share during the week to bring a little sunshine, and happiness.  

While many of you have experienced snow.  we have had a beautiful week here.  

It sparkled in the sunshine and I love how that very top left hand quadrant was bright orange and it shaded to green .  

I was having a hard day walking into work one day and I saw this gift bag and I thought, wow I really needed that.

Speaking of work I love the Christmas decorations out already.  

The Christmas music, not so much.  

But while wandering through I saw a close out table and I found a gift for Bobbin.

A unicorn costume which was originally over $16 I got for $1.49.  I am so glad my dog is a good sport.

She ran around outside with it on for a while.  I can tuck it away for next year, I don't think she will be getting any bigger.  

Speaking of presents for Bobbin she was in need of a new collar.  I get my collars from a company called Abbey and Ella.  They are the normal nylon straps, but she covers them in fabric, and considering how much wear and tear they get Bobbin's lasted for about 9 months, recently her and the cats had a rumble playing and a hole developed in the fabric.  

Here is her new collar.  I purchased it at a boutique store, but I can also request specially made collars too, with certain colors.  

And here is Miss Bobbin modeling her new collar.  

I recently also purchased Miss Bobbin a new bed and moved the old one to the sunroom.  

She seems to like to snuggle down into it in the early mornings while I get ready for work. 

I love my  design wall.....

Until Bobbin gets rambunctious and runs into it full speed.  

*Note no quilt blocks were hurt in this accident, and neither was The Bobbin.

I love these hangers for my laundry room.  I wear tank tops or camisoles all year long, and I can hang

8 at least on one of these hangers.  Which means more space in my chest of drawers.  

I thought these dog Pajamas were so cute.  

My youngest daughter wants me to have a picture taken with Bobbin in front of a fireplace for Christmas cards.  ROFL.....Um me in buffalo plaid pajamas....I don't think the world is ready for that yet.  I know I am most certainly not. 

I like my little pumpkin wall hanging I made a few years ago.  

I only read a couple of books this week.  

Hokee Wolf by Clark Viehweg.  

I like what I term Native American literature whether it be a mystery or just a story.  Hokee is a private detective who is brought in my the local police in Pocatello, Idaho to assist in a bread truck heist.  The thing is the bread truck was carrying all the cash, travellers checks and credit card receipts from West Yellowstone and its businesses.  Throw in a beautiful New York new reporter and things get interesting.  There is a lot of mystical, shamanistic things going on in this book, so it was a tough read at times.  

The other book I read was Rosemary Remembered by Susan Wittig Albert.  China Bayles goes to pick up McQuaid's truck from Rosemary, their CPA, and China finds her dead.  What is concerning to McQuaid, is recently there is a prisoner released, and he has vowed to get even with McQuaid for sending him to prison.  Was Rosemary, who bears a striking resemblance to China mistakenly killed by Jacoby?  If so why is Rosemary's love interest missing and supposedly headed to Mexico?  

Now head over to LeeAnna's at Not Afraid of Color and check out the other I Like Thursday posts. 


  1. Love your unicorn in her new outfit and collar. That tree is gorgeous. Ours have all lost their leaves. Its bleak and dreary looking especially in the morning fog.

  2. I love the quilt on your design wall! It's fabulous! Bobbin looks adorable in that costume! Have a safe and happy week!

  3. Oh Bobbin! What a cute unicorn you are! A fabulous quilt on your design wall! Have a good week!

  4. I loved the bag. Hope is what we all need.

  5. Isn't it something when you get a message like that one you saw going into work? It tells you things are going to be okay! We all need hope right now, that's for sure. Cute Bobbin in her unicorn outfit and a spiffy new collar! I love my design wall, too - so handy!

  6. Hi Colette and Bobbin!! Doesn't she look just spiffy in her unicorn costume and especially the new collar. And I love that gift bag you saw when going into work. It was definitely a sign - that you saw it and needed it. I think a picture of you and Bobbin would be fabulous this year. A new tradition. Is that a NEW book by SWA?? I haven't read her in a while . . . I might be quite behind. ~smile~ Roseanne

  7. Our stretch of unseasonably warm weather has come to an end and we're back to reality, cold and gloomy. But it was nice while it lasted and I got a lot of outside work done. Bobbin looks cute in the unicorn costume. So many dogs won't tolerate that stuff. I just finished the latest Susan Wittig Albert book, Plain Vanilla Murder. I really like the series.

  8. Bobbin is cute with that new collar. Zoomies! It can cause all sorts of accidents. LOL Very cute pumpkin hanging!

  9. Love the quilt on your design wall. Gorgeous colors! Bobbin looks so cute in that outfit! What a great sport! Cute jammies too!

  10. Your pumpkin hanging is so cute and the quilt on your design wall is gorgeous. Love to see Bobbin in her role as fashion model. She's got a future there. LOL We are past Remembrance Day so a lot of folks are getting into Christmas early this year. Love the jammies. Are they fleece because I wear a lot of fleece in winter.

  11. oh I so want you to put on a buffalo plaid nightshirt with bobbin in pjs... come fact I'd like a buffalo plaid onesie myself!
    your design wall is full!!! you made lots of blocks lately!


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