Wednesday, October 7, 2020

I Like Thursday #129

 I have had one of those weeks. It started off -- Let's just say that my time off I requested was messed up and then when I pointed it out to my boss I was argued with.  As I age I have learned:

I know what the computer system said, I even had another supervisor verify that I had done it correctly since we are using a new time management software for punching in, out, requesting time off.  All it means is that I will be taking another long weekend very soon since I have to use my vacation before my work anniversary date in December.  

I Like having several days off in a row!!!!

What did I do on my 4 days?  I worked outside, almost had the pool ready to close, it rained first, then the wind storms have hit, and it is too cold to get into the pool to clean out all the leaves which have landed in the pool.  Ten acres of land explain how every leaf within 1/2 a mile seems to find its way into my pool?

I learned some new techniques for applique' using MonoPoly thread.  I started sewing down my chickens.  I couldn't seem to match my thread.  I asked a friend, could I use rayon embroidery thread which I use in my embroidery machine?  She said yes.  But I looked at this and thought about all of the thread changes so I learned how to use MonoPoly.  I am about 1/2 way done with the stitching part. 

I have seen where when they are doing the applique', the piece is already sandwiched and so it is basically quilting as the applique is being stitched down.  I am thinking I should have done that with this piece.

I will be using the MonoPoly to applique this piece also. I watched a video by McKenna Ryan on Fon's and Porter to see how she sewed it down. 

Beary Be Witching by McKenna Ryan of Pine Needles Designs.  I purchased backing so when I am ready I will sandwich it before I stitch down the applique'.  

Below it you can see my maple leaves for the Fort Worth Fabric Studio's Absolute Autumn mystery.  I have all the parts cut for the rest of the quilt but I got a wee bit distracted.   

I have most of the borders on my flower delivery quilt and the applique all ironed on, yet another piece                                 

 that needs to be sewn down.

I also have my Oregon Banner to applique.  Do you see a pattern with me and applique'?                   

 I love how the applique' looks but I find the sitting and stitching it down, even with machine very tedious.  Which is funny, because I love piecing and it is basically the same thing.  

I finished a couple of other applique pieces though, even quilted them and they are sitting in this pile by my chair waiting to be bound.

I cut out the final block for the BOM Amish with a Twist which I was doing last year.  Since there is now dark thread in my machine, and I must just be lazy I am working on the finishing blocks.  

I have one set done, 1/2 way done with the 2nd set.  I only work on them for an hour or so in the evening and if I am tired all bets are off.  I think there are 3 more finishing block sets then it will be ready for assembly.  

I measured and sewed a lot of borders during my vacation, did some quilting;

Since I have a couple of projects almost completed and have picked up a UFO to work on I can start something new (Hey my rules!). 

This is the engine part of the Tild Tractor made with the fabrics from Tiny Farm.  I love these fabrics, the colors, the hand and when I am done I am sure this will be a favorite.  

I saw this piece and had to share it, just the link.  Many of the other bloggers not only quilt, but paint, make journals, do photography, knit and so I thought this was fascinating.  Agnes Herczeg creates miniature scenes out of mixed media and lace.  

Speaking of lace, what about spider lace?  Check out this web!  Spiderman would be jealous!

I read or listened to a lot of books this past week.  

Conjure Women by Afia Atakora is a novel from a slave's point of view in the years before and after the Civil War.  

The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson

and one of my favorites for the week because it definitely made me giggle.

Murder at Melrose Court by Karen Baugh Menuhin.  I like the synopsis which says Downton Abbey meets Agatha Christie.  

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  1. So many things to like including Tiny Farm fabrics and 4 days off in a row. I have never machine appliqued and always use freezer paper; well not completely true, for tiny pieces I sometimes use a little heat and bond and just iron them on. You are a prolific reader/listener. I need to listen to fewer Datelines. :)

  2. I requested the day before my wedding off, and the supervisor agreed, then took it back forcing me to attend a meeting. grrr.... I love the blue amish style quilt! applique girl, you'll feel accomplished when you get all that done! (sometimes I applique as I quilt and skip a step) the books sound great

  3. Thanks for all your book recommendations. I’m adding them to my Discoveries Journal!
    I have done lots of small raw edge applique as part of the quilting. It works well on the small items.

  4. Hi Colette! Oh yes, long weekends are the best! I'm so glad you get to enjoy a few in your near future. It sounds like you have a ton of appliqué to work on. It seems to go in waves for me - either every project needs appliqué or nothing. No happy medium. I haven't tried MonoPoly. You'll have to share some pictures and photos of how it goes. ~smile~ Roseanne

  5. I'm so glad you got your vacation time worked out and had those days off - that helps so much when you have been working so hard! I love seeing all your fun projects, too. I have never used monopoly thread, but it sounds perfect for your applique with so many different pieces and colors.

  6. I'll look for those books. I'm reading a Rhys Bowen book right now and they are ALL really good! Enjoy your week! The chicken and chicks is a favorite of mine! I love shabby chic colors!

  7. Wow- you have been busy! Love all that appliqué. Thx for the list of books too.

  8. all beautiful projects! I am reading on my kindle right now, not going into many stores!

  9. Where did the time go. It seems like you just put the pool up. 😮😮😮 So, love your chickens!

  10. I just love the projects you are working on! You're really good at applique because they all look perfect! I've had problems with time off at work. I work most Saturdays so when I ask for a week off I expect to be off on my usual Saturday. I always get asked if I want Saturday off too. Duh! Yes, I do want it off! I'd rather stay home quilting!

  11. Yay for days off. Your applique chicken looks great! That black and blue block is terrific looking, too.

  12. You have your hands full with appliqué. Sorry about the vacation mixup. That’s a real bummer, but I’m sure you’ll make the most of your days off.

  13. Sorry you didn't get the whole week off, but now you have some long weekends to look forward to. You've got quite a lot of applique projects going. I haven't had much luck with either needle turned or raw edge. I'll stick to piecing. Hope you find some warmer days to get the pool finished. We're still waiting on a killing frost, then I can put the gardens to bed.

  14. Love those chickens and your tractor. So so fun.i am getting things done round here for surgery time. Fun fun.Fall always seems to be busy busy. Even work is piling it on before my surgery grrrr

  15. The chicken and chicks are adorable--great fabrics!

  16. Great likes and boy are you being productive! Love your farm themed towels. I like mono thread too! Hope you get the pool closed and get some time to just be! Have a great week!

  17. I learned how to do machine applique with monopoly thread, years ago. I seldom use it.


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