Sunday, February 28, 2016

As Time Goes By

Time seems to fly by at warp speed some months and I will say that February is one of those months.  I missed my 500th blog post, my 3rd blog anniversary, and didn't even really want to do much for my birthday.   I think it is a combination of lot of things going on, maybe having a bug of some kind for a couple of weeks which threw my blood sugar totally out of whack, and just so much going on.  All I can think of is how would I manage if I worked a full time job? 

The daughter asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her some bins for my project. Maybe about 10.
She bought me 10 which are plenty big.  They are large enough to put a RSC block fabrics and instructions into each one.  DH has asked me what I want but I am just not too sure yet.  I mean I did get a new gas range a coupe of weeks ago to replace the one we had got on Craigslist for $50 a couple of years ago.
Lets just say that I love it, when I get to use it, since DH seems to love to cook all of a sudden even more than he cooked before. We have a high BTU burner, and a large center burner, which switches out to a griddle which means we can cook enough french toast to feed the thundering herd all at one time. 

I tried to order some fabric which matched the background I was using in the block Navajo for the RSC.  I only had about 1/2 a yard of it, and thought I should probably have a way to match- maybe not exactly, but kind of get close to the fabric.  I took a picture and did a google image search to no avail.
I thought I would try to match a Northcott Stonehenge.  I had a piece of the fabric and tried my best online.  This is what I ordered. 
I think this is too yellowy, not tan enough.  If it was just a little more tan it would work fine. Of course while I was shopping for that I decided to shop for fabric for the Bag Lady group for quilt guild.

This is Shabby Strawberry by Penny Rose for Riley Blake, and I actually did supplement the yellow solid from my stash, and it went perfectly. Normally I do not pick up a line of fabrics to use, I just build my own group.  I then had to choose a block,  I decided that my block for the year would be the Twinkle Star that Angela at SoScrappy used for the January Column Along as part of the RSC. (You can find her pattern under the RSC Sampler Tab.)  It was perfect because it was a 9 inch finished block.
 Along with my fabric order was another squishy package from my wonderful friend Barbara at Wont-to-Be Quilter

A cute card, some fat quarters and a charm pack of Scrumptious which I will say that the colors and patterns are truly scrumptious.  I may make myself something out of this one! 

Another good thing on my birthday is that I talked to my two daughters that live in Oregon, and while chatting with them I organized my 2 inch strips.
And drew a line diagonally across part of the 480 2 inch black squares for Allietare. 
I managed to only  get about 10 sets of these completed (A set consists of 4 red matching rectangles, 4 neutral rectangles, and 16 2 inch squares) I still have 20 more sets to go. I am making these fun units.
Yep my text fabric because I was using scraps ended up sideways in my block.  Oh well. 
I did want to share a pic of the newest grandson also.  This was the first opportunity that we had to hold him.

Maybe it isn't that life is going by any faster than it was previously.  It is just my life is so full that I forget to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride. 



  1. Happy Birthday! Nice bins...I just bought me some to do some organizing. It's hard to take a deep breath and enjoy the ride when you've got so much going on in your life, but I hope you can soon.

  2. What a beautiful stove ! And boy those bins are always the perfect gift for a quilter aren't they? Boy oh boy Colette, I wish I recognized and had the fabric you need, I would sure send it to you !

  3. P.S. What a precious baby boy, I bet he has that new baby smell ! You know what I'm talking about !

  4. Good that you got to connect with family on your birthday, sounds like a happy one if not restful! Oh I miss having a gas stove, we are all electric these days...yours looks beautiful :) What a itty bitty tiny little guy, your grandson looks so sweet! I wonder if you should just mix your neutrals rather than try to match that sandy kind of reminds me of a fabric I had years ago that I used for a dinosaur quilt for Evan...I haven't seen any of it emerge in the great stash Purge...will let you know if I do ;)

  5. What a cutie! I think I have that fabric you want. I just took pictures, and am downloading them now. I'll send you and email shortly, with pictures.

  6. Congratulation on your newest grandson! And Happy Birthday. Those bins will be very handy. I agree that fabric is just a little too yellow. I remember having a combo stove in Kenya. It was part gas and part electricity. Wonderful when the electricity was off - which was lots!

  7. Love your new stove, your fabric and that sweet baby, who is that holding him? Hugs dear

  8. happy blogaversary, happy belated birthday and happy new grandbaby. WOW, I can see why you think life is racing by. lots happening. sometimes we do forget to stop and smell the roses. loving your blocks. how fun.

  9. Aww.....that little one is so tiny and so perfect. Fun baby snuggles!!!

    Happy bloagaversary and happy birthday. I hope you had a delicious cake bake in that new range.

  10. First, congratulations on the new addition. He is adorable! Next, now I feel like a slacker! You have been so productive! I hope to be back at it soon.


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