Saturday, March 5, 2016

In a Blink of The Eye They Are Gone

The little boys moved out today.  I will say it is a bittersweet day. 

The youngest daughter purchased her own home.  A new to her home.  Her original home she had acquired for free.  She worked to make it nice, but it was just too small, and it was about 45 minutes north of us in a not so great area.  The new home is literally as the crow flied 2 miles from us.  I am so proud of her, because she decided she needed something better and found it, and was brave enough to do it on her own.  I will still watch the boys, their mom will drop them off on her way to work, and pick them up on her way home.  The boys will still be able to catch the bus at the end of the driveway, and help the ancient ones by bringing in their mail, taking out the garbage, and feeding their pet chicken.  We will be able to do homework, work on our scout stuff, and other adventures which will come. 

This past week I fought the cold that DH had last week.  I did a wee bit of sewing.  This is all I am going to show. 

I am still working on sewing these units.  I think I have 8 more sets to go and then I will be able to move on to the next step. Whew!  I have also been working on sashing my farmer's wife quilt. I am still working on the layout after it had been shaken off of my design wall over a year ago. 

I cleaned up my sewing room a bit and have this pile to fold and put away.  I found it while I was looking for some purples which is the color for March's RSC.

These purples and lavenders are what I came up with.  I am not overly enthused with what I have, so I may be doing some stash enhancement. 

I did win a give away from Cat Patches.  Barabara lives in Oregon (reason 1 why I follow her helps me with when I get homesick because she always has some gorgeous photos).  She and her hubby have some wonderful adventures traveling (reason 2 why I follow her).  When traveling Barbara purchases fabrics that are from that area of the country.  The latest trip she stopped at a shop but could not get a fat quarter they would only cut a 1/2 yard, so she put up for grabs the other fat quarter that would be remaining.

Isn't it fun fabric?  She also included this fabulous quilty pin.
Other reasons why I follow her blog?  She makes some lovely quilts, does great embroidered quilts and has been quilting her own quilt also (reason 3), she shares some wonderful recipes and shares those recipes, gardens, and she is genuinely a great read.  The best part of her blog though is when she has a guest blogger which is normally one of her two feline friends Smitty or Maggie. 

Tonight it is quiet.  I will miss reading to the boys before they fall asleep.  I guess I will have to finish Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by myself. :( 


  1. so happy that the boys will have a new home and happy that you will still see them daily.
    my purple stash is slim to none as well. but I will insist on not buying anymore fabric LOL
    (just tell Jenny Doan at Missouri quilt for me ok?)

  2. Your daughter must be just thrilled to have her own new home --happy you will still see the boys...and that they are all closer to you....hope you feel better soon. I am beginning to see the light at the end of this cold tunnel lol...did a bit of strippy sewing last night (cough, cough) when I couldn't sleep....hope to do more today...hugs, Julierose

  3. A new to her house is nice and I can see you maybe sewing a few things for this new house. I too read Cat Patches blog, also because she is here in Oregon and that material must be to remind her of all the casino's we have around. Take Care and feel better!!!

  4. Margie Crewse---I will figure out what I can make her soon. I love Barbara's blog and it is one I read almost daily, or save to read later (Thank you bloglovin) I may not comment often, but I do read her all the time. It really does help so I am not quite so homesick.

  5. Oh, that's great! I am sure your daughter will love and make this house a home for her as well. So nice they will only be 2 miles away from you. And with the boys each day it will be almost like they are still there, but not as much work!. Don't think I have much purple in my stash at all. Miss H doesn't like purple. She probably stopped me buying it!

  6. The new home sounds wonderful for the kids. It will be an adjustment, but sounds like a good thing. Hope you are feeling better.

  7. Hugs dear, know the feeling but you will see them tomorrow

  8. Good and bad for all. At least they are close now. Finish reading the book in the afternoons, after homework is done.

  9. Stinky little boys, with all their messes and noise, are hard not to have around. I'm glad they'll still be close by for you!

  10. Also proud of your girl! WTG!!! I'm glad to hear that she is still close though.


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