Saturday, March 19, 2016

National Quilting Day

How did you celebrate National Quilting Day?  Many people stayed home and sewed away.

DH and I went out, what we planned was to go pick up a part for DH antique tractor, and then to a quilt show, we headed out early in the morning.  Things didn't go quite as planned.  We picked up the part for the tractor and headed to the quilt show.  I had heard about this show, but when I looked up information I only found that it went all day.  When we arrived at the venue we found out that it didn't start until 1pm, or 3 pm depending on what sign you were looking at. 

Dh and I decided to go to a couple of antique stores that we had seen nearby.  Yes I did manage to do a lot of walking even though I had bruised up my foot pretty badly earlier this week.  One store was very cool, most of the items were salvaged out of homes, churches and other buildings that had been demolished.  I would love to be able to afford some of their light fixtures to go into our old house. 

Since we weren't too far and we still had a couple of hours we wandered to a little quilt store in Saline, Michigan called The Quilting Season.  I picked up these lovelies.

The snowflake fabric I bought because I think that is the one that was the guild fabric for the friendship block for January, the one where I won 11 blocks.  The reds I purchased because as I have been working on the Allietare and sewing the blocks together there was another part to cut.  I need a bunch of bigger squares of red, and I had used most of what I had in making my blocks.  The floral I bought, just because I loved the colors and how springy that it looked. 

The quilt show was nice, but I could not get any pictures.  It was put on by the Western Wayne County Quilt Guild and it was in the Old Van Buren Township Hall which was built in 1875.  Lets just say that the venue was very small, and they had the quilts hung from clothesline back to back in rows which were about 3 feet apart, and there were about 40 quilts.  You could not see them to get any real perspective.  I will say there were a lot of quilts which had been started years ago and recently finished, and there were quite a few which were hand quilted. 

When we finally got home I decided to do some sewing and DH went to work on his tractor.

I made a blue fox and I cut up quite a few scraps. 

I had a Gift Certificate from Fat Quarter Shop from my parents for my birthday, so I made some purchases.  Then as I was blog hopping through the Quilt Qwazy Queens which is hosted by Marian at Seams to be Sew  there was a coupon code for 10% off at Fat Quarter Shop so I placed another order.   I also had a 30% coupon from Shabby Fabric for my birthday so I decided that I was going to use that too.  I can't wait until my booty fabric acquisitions arrive. 

So how did you celebrate national quilting day?


  1. I spent it calling the window guy and cleaning up putting furniture away after the floor guy. not fun.
    today window guy says he is coming. I will believe it when I see him. maybe I can sew today before the snow starts.....

  2. I spent it sewing the three sections of my Gypsy WannaBe together--phew--at long last!! Then I boiled down our chicken leftovers so that I can make soup today before the S N O W comes--just maybe it'll miss us??? hope so. I love your flowery fabric-you're right, very Springlike...hugs Julierose

  3. It was Ladies Craft Day at church. I finished one quilt top, then started a bag (finished the bag at home last night). Nice way to spend the day.

  4. Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate the day....look at quilts and buy fabrics! I sewed and sewed and sewed!

  5. Hmmm...Didn't know it was your national quilting day but I did sew all Saturday! Can't believe you did so much walking on your sore foot. Can see why you bought the pretty floral fabric - it just feels a happy fabric! Loving the blue fox.

  6. I bought fabric and thread , isn't that what you do on quilting day?


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