Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Mini Finish

I haven't been getting a whole lot done, but I did have a mini finish!

I finally completed step 4 of the Allietare! no longer mystery QAL.

I am so totally stoked that I got through this step.  I then started step 5.  I need to make 98 of these units.
I have this step a little over half completed.  All I can say is I am glad that it was not a 12 step program or I would be working on it until my next birthday. 

I will also reiterate that blog friends are the best.  I had written here that I could not match the fabric which had been using for the Navajo block background.

Cheryl from Cheryl's Teapots 2 Quilting thought she had the same fabric and was wonderful enough to send it to me. 

 On the same subject of matching.  At quilt guild we have what they call the "friendship block" each month they give us a block and a portion of fabric and we are supposed to add fabric to make the block based upon their direction.  I was given this fabric.

 I am supposed to add a darker green, and a yellow to make the block.  I have dug through my stash and tried what seems like a bazillion different greens and none look good, even my batiks.  I may have to go on a stash acquisition search tomorrow. 

I know it is silly to be excited about just finishing a step in a quilt. Baby steps. 


  1. Hey, at least you've been sewing. I haven't had time to stitch. I've been cleaning machines, and getting the tension working on several of them (I hate working on tension issues). Glad the fabric arrived. Hope it works.

  2. love that green you got from guild. hmmmm......... I will look thru my stash of greens and see if I have something you can use..... you have made great progress on Alletaire. I find if I carve out 15 min a day I can get a lot done. it seems like it progresses along (in my head anyway LOL)

  3. It is far from silly to celebrate getting a step done in a quilt...it's called progress! Glad to see you are still moving forward :)

  4. Tomorrow , we couldn't get fabric to you by tomorrow, I looked in mine, nothing in my starch that darker than that

  5. You've made some great progress...way to go!

  6. Any finish is a good one! Glad you were able to find the matching background fabric. I looked but did not have it in my stash!


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