Saturday, March 12, 2016

Purples Aplenty

Obviously I went a wee bit overboard on acquiring purples.  I showed that I had went on a hunt for green fabric and had acquired some purples.

Then I did some online fabric acquisition and bought these from Hawthorne Threads.
And some solids also from Thousands of Bolts.
I think I am ready for my skulk of foxes, the Navajo block and twisted blossom.   I have a secret....I didn't think I had very many purples, and when I was rearranging my sewing room I found several selections of yardage in purple too.

Oh what you find when you aren't looking! 


  1. yes I always think I am missing fabric colors only to discover when I really look I already have what I need.....but what fun is that? new acquisitions are more fun for sure!

  2. Now you have some lovely choices for all of your projects--enjoy hugs, Julierose

  3. I love your purples too!!! I'm looking forward to your purple creations this month. ENJOY!

  4. Ha..ha.. lots of lovely purples to choose from now!

  5. As much as I love purple I don't have very many pieces of it. Your fabrics look like a treasure of royal colored fabrics!


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