Thursday, March 10, 2016

Choosing Shades

 My last post I had the conundrum, that I could not find a dark fabric to go with this piece.
I looked through my stash (and boy do I have a lot of green) and was not thrilled with what I came up.  This fabric is almost a Kelly Green with a lime color running through it.  I went to the quilt shop, and I put it next to all sorts of dark green batiks and did not like any of them.  I finally found this one and it was  slightly darker, and it was at least in the same color family.

The guild fabric is the bottom, the one I purchase is above it.  I made the block and it just did not have a whole lot of contrast.  The block is called Sunshine and Shadows.

At guild there were greens all over the rainbow, but none of them really looked good IMHO.  There were solids, some batiks, and even some polka dots.    I should have taken a picture to share how tough it was to find a complementary dark green. 

I also mentioned that Cheryl had shared fabric that looked like the one I had been searching for all over.

Mine is the small strip, and the one that Cheryl shared with me is the large piece.  Can you believe that it is about a shade or two darker.  I am going to use what Cheryl shared with me I don't think it will be really noticeable, and if it is I would put the two blocks made earlier will be put at opposite corners of the quilt. 


  1. hmmm, sounds like quite the challenge. I have always heard the adage that if two shades don't match go with 3-5...I also am a bit different in that I kind of like it when the fabrics don't quite "go" together. I used to be matchy matchy when I first started quilting but now I kind of like the fun of a pop of the odd! Like is drawn to like you might say ;)

  2. I find greens are difficult. I have a whole range but the dark greens are also my nemesis. I only have a few. I seem to like the lime/kelly greens and don't really have a lot of the dark ones. I might have gone with black but I'm not sure that would have been in your parameters. As for the other fabric. Maybe you could tea dye the original background fabric? Just a thought.

  3. I like your green choices--very vibrant. As far as "match-ey
    match-ey" since I do mostly scrappy quilts that doesn't bother meat fact I like it...hugs, Julierose

  4. Green is a hard color to match. Glad the fabric will work, even though it is lighter. Maybe a different color run.

  5. I'm with Julia, just give me scraps to work with

  6. It looks good to me - but I am not a big green fan actually. I would use the fabric from Cheryl sent you as it looks really good, I think you will be able to work it in really well.


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