Monday, March 9, 2015

Daylight Savings Time Lament

I don't know if it is that I am getting older....yes I did just recently celebrate a birthday, but I am having a harder and harder time with the time changes.  After the change in October I had the hardest time sleeping until 4:30 am.  Many times I was awake at 3:30 am, 4 am at the latest.  We have now once again changed the clocks and it makes me wonder how messed up my circadian rhythm is going to be now. 

Add to the time change I have a bit of a cold and the weekend was pretty much a complete waste.  The grandson came and he and DH worked on a dinosaur model, and he went out to help feed the girls.  He had to be home by noon, but we did have a fun breakfast of waffles, and a trip to the hobby store for the next project that the boys can share. 

Saturday I had a package which made me smile.

My friend Nancy from Pug Mom Quilts! sent me these super cute rooster fabrics.  Maybe I can make a pin up for the Clucky Girls using these. 

I also took an organization  hint from Kris at Kris Loves Fabric and purchased a cutlery tray.
At least I don't have squares falling all over the room now.  

Remember my block I chose for the Bag Ladies group at quilt guild.  Well I started to shop my stash looking for fabrics to use for the block.

The bird fabric will be the main fabric.  The yellow was Moda Grunge, the blue was a Kaufman fusions, and the beigy text print.    Wasn't really popping to me.

Switch out the text print and replace it with a gray cross hatch by Timeless treasures.  Liking it a bit better.

Change out the yellow grunge and throw in the green, and I was wavering between the gray cross hatch, and the text. 

I asked DH for his opinion.  He thought the bird print, green, and the gray cross hatch, and the blue Kaufman fusions would be nice.

I made up the block.

I am just not loving it, not enough contrast.  Neither is DH.  Not too sure if I should change out the green grunge and the gray and go with the yellow grunge instead and a white of some sort, or if just changing out the green will be enough.  

I have been working a bit on my Farmer's Wife getting it put together.  A little bit at a time I guess eventually it will get done.

How did your weekend, and that one hour lost go?


  1. hate changing the clocks and losing an fun at all. I didnt have enough time in the FIRST place LOL
    as for your twilight block how about trying the green for the center and the birds for the star? I think the star needs to be more pronounced. but hey, that not loved block would make an adorable tote bag......just sayin.....

  2. Daylight Savings Time UGH! Can't sleep, but loving the extra daylight. DH went skiing, so I let the pugs sleep in the bed with me last night. Not again! Glad you like the rooster fabric, maybe some curtains for the chicken palace?

  3. Not a fan of DST either :) This is the worst Monday of the year...ha! It will be better by next Monday though. I am thinking that the trays are working out pretty well but I need some shoemaker's elves to come do all the cutting and sorting as it is a slow process to do all at once.

  4. I don't mind DST really but I do find I'm waking earlier these last two days. Isn't that the opposite of what should be happening? blessings, marlene

  5. Detest the time changes (did I tell you I hate the time change--ugh!!)
    I'm hungry at wrong times, and seem to lose my sense of "the day". Sometimes at the end of June I actually get tired of it being light so late--I'd never make it in Scandanavia!!
    I like your star--could it be part of a low volume piece? Or maybe put a sashing around it in a brighter color? I have a whole quilt I hate--all pieced on papers and hanging in my closet of shame....
    I need to finish it and donate it I think. It is so disappointing to make something and then go--"and??" Maybe it'll grow on you...hugs, Julierose

  6. I had absolutely no idea it was time for daylight savings ! Guess I should watch something besides the western channel ! LOL on the pinup rooster....maybe your egg production will double !

  7. Your cluckers will love that
    I always look forward to daylight savings times arrival, but I didn't plan on staying up all night to finish a quilt. Now I'm hung over from both. I do like seeing daylight a little later.

  8. I wish they would just leave it one way or the other

  9. I hate time changes too, at least I have a week of Spring break to adjust before going to work.

  10. I wonder if there's anyone, anywhere, who actually likes having the clocks changed twice a year? We don't move ours for another week yet, but I hate it. Every time it seems to take me longer and longer to adjust myself.


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