Monday, March 2, 2015

Goal Planning for the month of March

The first day of March and I slept in!  To 7:30 am which is a good thing.  I looked out the window and it was snowing.  Argh!  OK what do you do?  DH was going to make me breakfast but he was called into work.  So I decided I would work on some unstitching, creating a couple of posts for the blog, and some sewing.

What can I do that is exciting for the month of March?

1.  One of the high on the list tasks is to sew up a test block for my guilds bag lady group.  I chose a block, now I need to shop the stash and figure out what fabrics I want my quilt made out of.

2. Farmer's Wife quilt-  Keep sashing and making corner stones.  I ordered some fabric for the setting squares which should be here in a couple of days.  They didn't have enough, but I will wait until more comes in and order some more and pray the dye lots are close.

3. Grand Illusion step 3 I keep cutting, trimming and sewing and don't seem to be making a whole lot of progress, but maybe it is because I have been using a lot of scraps in it too.

4.  Quilt Group Blocks-  They are starting a new project this year, but I don't think I will join.  I have a lot of things to work on finishing up.  I think I have several more blocks to make to have all of the blocks made, and 5 more connector blocks to be ready to sew it together.
5.  Quilting-  I have my basket case quilt, and my charity quilt for the guild to work on.

6.  My slow stitching is still my words of wisdom blocks, and my tractor cross stitch.

7.  Yellow brick road I would love to get finished at least the blocks and it put together.

8.  Drunkard's Path I love the simplicity of the block just need to settle down a bit.

9.  Aurifil BOM for 2014 I need to get the blocks prepped for the setting.

10.  I think I need to do something new but can't quite figure out what yet.  Sometimes something fresh helps your spirit. 

I know a long list but when I look at the list and see what I accomplish it makes me smile, and also helps keep me on track.   I think that right now I am kind of in one of those loops where I have had so many projects that finished at once and now it is getting the "business" portion of those projects finished that will help get it to the flimsy stage.  I don't live and die by my goals, nor am I too harsh when I don't hit every one.  It is a fun way to keep me on task.

When you make goals are you a stick to em' type of goal maker or are they just a mere suggestion and you will go with the flow type of goal maker. 


  1. I am kind of obsessive and usually work on one thing at a time with maybe a few projects waiting in different stages laying around.

  2. I don't even want to think about all the things on my list to make. I'm so far behind.

  3. I'm not a goal maker in sewing for the most part. Maybe that's why I never have anything to show these days HA! I'l just have to admire your goals

  4. I'm terrible at goal making which (like Vickie) is probably why I'm not showing much these days. Guess I need to get moving along! I love your cross stitch tractor!

  5. I cannot even begin to set goals--they make me nervous. Sooo, just flyin' by the seat of my pants--some of us had way too many deadlines in their former life!! (Ask me how I know..) hugs, good luck Julierose

  6. I am a go with the flow kinda gal. my list is very fluid and a guide. I like to have some hand sewing, some cutting and some sewing to do. that way whatever I feel like doing I can work on a project "on the list". love your projects. looking great!

  7. I am making them for people so I let them know and that keeps me on track

  8. Your test block of Twilight Star is gorgeous...what a wonderful quilt it will make. Love to see all the projects you are working on. Farmer's Wife is fabulous! I bought the book but gave up on making them...maybe some day I'll get back to it with your inspiration!

  9. What a wonderful selection of projects! I look forward to seeing progress on them all. And, I really love your tractor cross-stitch.

    My lists tend to be long and are generally reminders of things I have started or would like to do within the future. Unless there is a specific deadline, I generally just go with the flow and use them to keep me on track (and sometimes to remind myself the timing is not right for a new project - but I do love a variety!) It is always fun to see I am not alone with a long list of things to do!

  10. I admire your goal making and also that you do a wonderful job of reaching them. Normally I am working on a single quilt for a certain person, such as a grand baby. Right now I really have no certain project to finish and have lots of projects started. I think I might need to set a goal so I will actually accomplish something and not feel so scattered.

  11. with watching my grandson 5 days a week I thought about setting some goals and writing them down but I can't even get around to doing that. LOL Good luck this month reaching your goals.


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