Friday, March 6, 2015

Weekly Update and A Winner!

The first week of March has been thankfully uneventful.  I haven't done a whole lot of sewing, other than some sashing, cornerstones, and setting squares for the Farmer's Wife. 

I love the yellow setting squares.  I need to trim down my sashing strips.  I cut them a wee bit too big and need to trim them down. 

I made a few of these too.
OK I know that you are really checking this out for the give away.  There were 16 visitors, and twelve followers for a total of 28 entries.  I wrote down everyone's name and folded them up into teeny tiny squares. 

Then of course we had to put them into some kind of container.  To the rescue the gigantor John Deere coffee cup.  This baby can hold 6 cups of coffee!  DH is forbidden to use it because when he uses them I don't get any coffee. 

Enter the oldest grandson.  He came to visit for the evening and to work on his dinosaur model. 

Since he is so scientific he was our method of choosing.  He closed his eyes and chose a slip.
Congratulations Missy!  I will be sending your the information regarding the gift certificate.  Thanks for celebrating my ups, downs, 2nd blog anniversary and birthday! 


  1. congratulations Missy! what a handsome assistant you have! and so so scientific! LOL

  2. Congratulations Missy....she had a cute fellow pull her name out of a cool cup !

  3. Congrats to Missy--it is so wonderful having a special assistant lol...hugs, Julierose

  4. Congratulations to Missy! Every little bit of sewing does add up! Cute little helper you have there!

  5. Thank you again! I have a cup like that that is only used for soup!

  6. What a great winner-picker. Congrats to the winner. I hope March is panning out to be a better month for you.

  7. Congratulations to Missy! Cute little helper you've got there!


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